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A New Chapter for eCommerce

Dear Cloud Commerce Pro Customers

I would like to reiterate the message from our CEO yesterday, that we wish everyone in our customer family and the wider community the best of health during this unprecedented outbreak.

However, as workers begin, wherever possible, to work from home and to avoid public areas, more and more turn to websites and marketplaces for their food, their clothes, emergency supplies, distractions for their children, and more.

Internet users who would normally shun buying online in favour of their local stores are turning to their browser to find what they need. This is especially common in the older generations, who historically have been most likely to stick to local retailers.

Predictions for the UK Market

A recent YouGov survey, conducted on the 3rd March, found that 27% of Americans were already avoiding visits to public areas including shops. At that point, only 14% of Brits were doing the same – while reporting up to 85% in China.

Another survey of US habits found that the number who planned to avoid public areas if the news got worse would double. In fact, according to data compiled by for the US, as many as 85% of the over-61s were preparing to avoid stores.

And as the situation in the UK has worsened over the last several days, it is expected the UK will also see a similar pattern develop.

We have the advantage as UK retailers of seeing patterns play out in other countries first, including data like the surveys referenced above. As infection rates have increased, we’ve seen self-isolations rise in response.

As more and more shoppers start to avoid shopping centres, supermarkets, and even corner shops, the demand for internet products grows significantly. Whenever we see a spike in the number of people shopping online, some percentage never go back to the high street.

In the short term, eCommerce will be a necessity for many. But will become a preference for most!

Right Product at the Right Time

Increased online shopping doesn’t mean every retailer will see sales rise. eCommerce advertising has become a must-have part of online retail over the past few years. Google Shopping and Amazon Sponsored Advertising provide an opportunity to ensure potential customers see your offerings and have the chance to buy them.

Well-designed, well-maintained advertising campaigns bring down the cost of each sale and allow companies to build their market share steadily over time. A great experience with an online retailer can turn one paid click into regular orders for months or years to come.

As more and more workers transition across to eCommerce shopping, the companies that invest in marketing will reach them. Sales will go to those businesses. But those sales have to be made at the right price. That means careful, expert management – and that takes time.

How can Channel Grabber and Cloud Commerce Pro Help?

When you pay for each click through to your products, you want to get value for money. A poorly maintained campaign can mean paying more than you need to for each click. If your inventory management isn’t properly updated – or isn’t reflected by your shopping feed – you could spend money advertising products you don’t have in stock to sell.

Channel Grabber/Cloud Commerce Pro want to reach out to you all to see if you are reaching the people looking for your products. We operate a brand Cloud Seller Pro that can get your website and amazon listings performing better through targeted campaigns and the best part is you only pay for the results, it is a commission based model, where we only get paid if you sell your products, it is that simple.

And it doesn’t cost a penny to set-up!
If you’re interested – find out more today:

Google Shopping

  • Complete Account Set-up
  • Product Data Mapping & Cleaning
  • Fully Managed
  • Only Pay on Results

Amazon Advertising

  • ACoS as Low as 2%
  • Over 10 years of Amazon Selling
  • Full Campaign & Bid Management
  • Only Pay on Results

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