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Cloud Commerce Pro is a leading multi-channel order management software powering hundreds of UK brands, SMEs and retailers.

Since 2003, we have supported entrepreneurs and business leaders to increase their profitability by simplifying the entire commerce journey. Today, we are led by some of eCommerce's most renowned thought leaders and are proud to be a WPP company. We embed our expertise in eCommerce and best practices throughout the onboarding process and every interaction with our customers.

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Seamlessly connect customer acquisition and multi-channel commerce with warehousing, inventory, and third-party logistics providers (3PLs). Sell Direct to Consumers (DTC) by integrating with global marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, eCommerce platforms including Shopify and Magento and multiple international couriers. Grow faster with Marketing and Web Development Agency services.

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Our Timeline


Born from a desire to harness the power of new technologies, the Cloud Commerce Group has always been at the frontier of innovation within eCommerce. Since the early 2000s, our entrepreneurial founders were pioneering new solutions to help businesses transform their presence online and generate new revenue streams. From software development and internet services, to web design & SEO, we quickly established a focused customer base of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturing businesses.

As the eCommerce market began to mature, so did the needs of our customers. We found ourselves increasingly offering customers bespoke solutions to integrate their enterprise resource planning, order management and stock control systems.


In 2008, we took a bold decision to build a new solution tailored to eCommerce needs. Shortly after, we released the first iteration of Cloud Commerce Pro as an order management system.

Our tailored functionality, expert support throughout implementation and ongoing customer service quickly set Cloud Commerce Pro apart from emerging competitors. We invested time to build relationships with customers to truly understand their business, products and operations leading to better implementation processes and supported growth.


In 2014, Cloud Commerce Pro updated the software to allow online retailers to sell their products across multiple channels and marketplaces while managing orders, inventory and customer service from one central multi-channel order management system.


With the development of our order management software well established, and increasing demand from our customers, it was appropriate to formalise the web design and marketing services we were offering our customers. Cloud Seller Pro, a growth marketing agency specialising in eCommerce, was formed to grow current and new customer revenues through paid advertising, paid search and web development.


Cloud Commerce Pro announced the acquisition of ChannelGrabber, combining the functionality and leadership of the two market-leading order management platforms.This acquisition increased the offering to retailers with more functionality to manage listings, inventory, orders, billing and shipping for multiple web stores and marketplaces.

Cloud Commerce Pro, ChannelGrabber and Cloud Seller Pro now combined to create The Cloud Commerce Group.


In 2021, the world’s largest advertising and marketing company, WPP, approached Cloud Commerce Group expressing an interest in an acquisition. With the opportunity to further enhance our product and marketing services, the merger was deemed a positive strategic move that would benefit our customers, our multichannel order management software and our people. We were proud to announce a successful acquisition in November 2021. In the following year, we began embedding ourselves into the larger corporation and were able to substantially increase the number of resources allocated to product development and customer support.

Present day

Today, Cloud Commerce Pro now helps many hundreds of retailers and wholesalers to sell their goods across the world, integrating with the most widely used and popular marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, accounting packages, shipping couriers & payment gateways. We are led by some of eCommerce's most renowned thought leaders and are proud to be a WPP company.

Our Vision

We are determined to see Cloud Commerce Pro establish itself as the UK’s and Europe’s largest Ecommerce Multichannel Order Management Software provider. We have the ambition, experience and financial reach to ensure that Cloud Commerce Pro delivers a service that no other provider can match, delivering a truly World Class solution, with a World Class service.