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Add attachments to orders and emails

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Today at Cloud Commerce Pro towers, the ultimate stock control and order management system, we released yet another new feature that allows you to attach any document to an order and if you wish also include it in emails and communications to your customers.

A simple use case for this feature is a customer who wishes to photograph goods as they are packed to show the recipient that the correct numbers of items were included in the parcel. Immediately as the item is packed the image taken from an overhead camera is included as an attachment and sent to the customer to show that the goods have been packed and are on their way, reducing fraud from customers who would in some cases claim that the correct number of items weren’t in the box.

Our customers will find many other uses for this feature that is now available in the Cloud Commerce Pro system. Contact your account manager for details of this feature (or click the paperclip in your dispatch queue to attach your files).

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