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Alternatives to NetDespatch

On the 31st May this year, Royal Mail will be shutting down NetDespatch’s ability to print Royal Mail labels. This leads many to wonder what alternatives to NetDespatch are available.

For Royal Mail customers, the hunt for an alternative to NetDespatch is on.

The third-party company was bought by the Royal Mail, but is now being phased out in favour of other in-house companies (or simply using Click & Drop). Obviously, Click & Drop is fully ready for HS Codes, but with the popularity of NetDespatch, it’s surprising that it’s being replaced rather than updated.

Of course, NetDespatch does integrate with other carriers – but if Royal Mail is regularly one of your couriers of choice, it’s worth looking for an alternative.

Cloud Commerce Pro: Easy Shipping Integration

Cloud Commerce Pro has Premium Partner status with NetDespatch. According to the company, that’s only available if you “offer a seamless and consistent integration with most supported carriers”. You must also provide your clients with “the highest quality integration possible”.

Changes for NetDespatch don’t stop that being true for us. While many leading lights in the order management business are only Pro Partners, we’ve gone on to increase support. We integrate directly with over 20 couriers and shipping logistics services.

But as well as that, we launched Workflows, a feature which allows Cloud Commerce Pro to connect to any online system. This tool is useful for almost any step in order management, but it’s especially useful for couriers outside our list.

And we also offer shipping automation. Using rules set for each individual business, the system identifies the best service for each package. After all, prices for shipping can vary by weight, priority, and destination.

Shipping on that tariff is then booked in, with labels printed automatically.

Don’t just find a baseline alternative to netDespatch – treat this as an opportunity to upgrade.

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