Amazon Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is essential to any eCommerce operation. Maintaining the right amount of stock in your storage can really affect your profitability.

Keeping a completely accurate inventory can be the difference between turning a profit or making a loss.

Integrating smoothly with Amazon, Cloud Commerce Pro provides a full order management service that provides full inventory management.

There are two essential parts of proper inventory management, and our built-in systems cover both:

  • Ordering the right amount of stock

  • Making sure no stock is lost in the warehouse

Auto Purchase option

Running out of stock can cost you sales. Selling when you’re out of stock – overselling – can cost you, both in money terms and in terms of frustrated customers. But overstocking means increased storage costs and more of your money tied up in stock.

To make sure you’re always ordering the right amount of new stock, we designed a purchase automation system. As you set up on the system you can set a minimum stock level for your products. This level can be modified as time goes on, to deal with changes in supplier relationships, increases in demand, etc.

Once an order on your Amazon store takes your inventory below your pre-set minimum for a product, an automatic purchase order will be generated by the system to bring your stock back up to another pre-set value. A single click to approve it will send that order on to your supplier.

Warehouse Management and Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM)

Keeping track of everything in your warehouse can seem daunting if you don’t have a system set up for it. Our warehouse management system can be delivered in simple or complex forms. The complex version requires barcode scanning equipment running our barcode app.

Both levels of the system keep a clear record of what stock has entered the warehouse and what stock has left. The complex system breaks your inventory down by warehouse, aisle, and shelf.

So if you’ve had to divide stock of a specific item up across multiple locations (the most common reason some items get ‘lost’), Cloud Commerce Pro will know, and even factor this into our custom-generated picking lists.

For businesses using Fulfilment by Merchant, these systems are essential. And if you want to qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime, you’ll be glad of some of our other services.

Maintaining Seller Fulfilled Prime

What’s crucial for Prime sellers is speed:

  • CCP free online demo customer referrals

    Speed of Order Dispatch

  • CCP free online demo customer referrals

    Speed of Shipping

  • CCP free online demo customer referrals

    Speed of Customer Response

As you’ve already seen, our system streamlines order picking and packing, making dispatch faster.

We integrate with all the major couriers and shipping logistics firms. By setting up custom rules, your Cloud Commerce Pro system can be set to automatically select the best service for each order, based on weight, price, destination, and priority.

We also offer a centralised Message Centre, which had Seller Fulfilled Prime sellers in mind. It includes automatic, configurable autoresponses to improve your response speed metrics. You can also set up alerts to let you know when a given message has gone unanswered for too long.


See how you can quickly take and process orders over the phone or on-site.

Inventory Management & Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)

We’re sometimes asked if our inventory management system can still help Amazon sellers who use FBA.

If anything, our auto-purchase order facility is even more important for FBA customers than those who handle their own fulfilment. Storage charges are a key factor in Amazon FBA, and keeping them as low as you can while still being able to fulfil orders is essential to maximise profit.

Having total control over your own stock orders means you can more easily strike that balance. Cloud Commerce Pro’s run rate reporting also helps you keep track of whether or not demand is changing – something that could mean you’ll soon need to have more stock on hand.

CCP Solutions warehouse barcoding scanning

Multiple solutions for multi-channel Retailers

For many retailers, their Amazon Seller account is just one sales channel. eBay, their own eCommerce site, or a physical retail outlet can be just as important.

This makes inventory management more of a challenge, but one that’s easily solved through Cloud Commerce Pro. Our system is designed as a multi-channel solution. Stock sold through one channel automatically syncs to the others in real time – so you’ll never accidentally oversell.