Amazon & Magento Integration

Multi-Channel Listings · Inventory Management · Shipping Automation

A Stock Control System with Amazon & Magento Integration, driving Multi-Channel eCommerce.

Integrate with Amazon

Integrate your Magento website and Amazon marketplace with an all-in-one warehouse and order management platform.

Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with Magento eCommerce sites with ease, as well as the Amazon marketplace. In fact, our Amazon & Magento integration also supports Amazon Vendors.

We offer our customers an inventory that can sync across all channels. This happens in real time, so you’ll never sell the same product twice!

Why Choose Cloud Commerce Pro to integrate with Amazon & Magento?

Improve efficiency and Combine your orders from all sales channels into a central dispatch queue.

Lose no time is by flicking back and forth between your order feeds. Furthermore, there’s no risk of overlooking a channel until an order would be lost.
Instead, you can create pick lists for orders from all channels at once. Also create custom priorities, so Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders can be pushed out fast. And the same shipping automation system will streamline orders across channels.

Our stock control system is designed to make inventory sync and stock repurchasing simple, efficient and accurate. Cloud Commerce Pro streamlines order management. We provide multiple automations that can increase profitability. Our system also helps our customers to process more orders per day, helping their businesses to grow.

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    Unlimited Connections

    Support your multi-lingual storefronts by connecting unlimited Magento sites to Cloud Commerce Pro

  • Fulfilled by Amazon

    Fulfilment by Amazon

    Fulfil full or split orders for all customers through Amazon FBA or use our shipping automation to support Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Amazon / Magento Integration

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    Customer Support

    Review and respond to all sales and support in one message centre. Set up autoresponses and use message alerts to hit response metrics.

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    Multi-Channel Product Listing

    List or update products on Amazon and multiple Magento sites from one screen with our easy listing tool.

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    Don’t stock out of your top sellers – automate purchase order creation based on your stock levels. Set custom levels to trigger re-order and for capacity.

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    Shipping Automation

    Automatically select the best courier service for each order based on priority, destination, and weight. The system books and prints shipping labels for you.

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    Store all customer and order data in one system. Build and improve relationships using clear data.

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    Amazon Repricer

    Increase your share of the ‘Buy Box’ using our algorithmic repricer. Get the best price possible while staying below the competition. Set custom pricing strategies, then automate.


How can you make your warehouse picking & packing methods more efficient?

Don’t just take our word for it…


The Challenge

As 2Squared grew from managing retail outfits and moved into wholesaling, theirs needs also grew exponentially. Because of this, 2Squared approached Cloud Commerce Pro to help them overcome many new obstacles that come with an expanding operation.

2squared review
Luke Hudson
2Squared Agency
“Just having that ability to pick the phone up and speak to a localised member of the team, and perhaps even one of the developers to help you resolve your issue has been a massive part of the reason why we stuck with Cloud Commerce for the last five years.”