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Amazon Mandates Standardised Clothing Attributes

In an effort to standardise clothing sizes across Amazon, predetermined clothing attributes have now been enacted for listings. The previous free text options for clothing size information have gone, leaving ‘Body Type’ and ‘Size Type’ options for merchants to choose from when listing items, effective February 22nd 2021.

Previously, sellers used free-form text to provide apparel sizing information. Now, you must select values from a standardized list for size attributes like apparel size, body type, and height type for DRESS, SWEATER, BLAZER, SWEATSHIRT, COAT, VEST, ROBE, TIGHTS, KURTA, TUNIC, TRACK_SUIT, PAJAMAS, SOCKS, UNDERPANTS, SUIT, and SALWAR_SUIT_SET. These attributes will enhance the customer experience when browsing and viewing your products by displaying standardized and consistent size values.


Merchants who have not updated their listing process to comply with the new sizing standards will no longer be able to list their products and existing listings will not be shown.

Sellers should be aware that sizing attributes are specific to the Amazon country site they are listing their clothing products on. Firstly, the ‘Clothing Size System’ should be correctly selected (for example, UK or US). This will automatically make the country-specific attributes available for listings. For example, ‘Body Type’ options for the UK include Regular or Plus, but the same clothing attributes for the US include a ‘Big’ and a ‘Husky’ option to choose from.

Cloud Commerce Pro is pleased to announce that our order listing software has been updated to reflect and effectively handle the changes to Amazon clothing attributes. Find out more about our Amazon integration here.

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