Amazon Order Management Solutions

  • Effortlessly list and sell products, joining existing listings or creating new listings automatically.
  • Manage orders and synchronise stock across Amazon and other sales channels.
  • Win the Buy Box battle more often with our Repricer tool.

Amazon Integration for Stock Control & Inventory Management

The competition on Amazon is fierce. Sellers need to set themselves apart.

  • Respond to support queries as quickly as possible
  • Manage and process orders
  • Ship orders fast (even if not on Prime)
  • Stay price competitive
  • Maintain stock levels

Cloud Commerce Pro allows you to instantly list products on Amazon and other channels in one click. We provide the tools you need to save hours on repetitive tasks. Instead, you can focus your time on increasing your sales and growing your market.

Benefits of Amazon Order Management

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    Listing Products

    List products with minimum effort across multiple countries, automatically joining existing listings by ASIN

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    Amazon Repricer

    Our algorithmic repricer adjusts your product prices to give you the best combination of price and buy box exposure

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    Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

    Our system can manage orders, update stock levels, and generate purchase orders for FBA, seller fulfilment, and for combinations of both.

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    Manage orders from Amazon and other sales channels in a single order queue. Quick processing and reduced risk of error.

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    Stock Control

    Keep your inventory accurate across multiple Amazon accounts and marketplaces. Add or remove listings based off stock levels.

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    Message Centre

    Set up autoresponses and configure alerts so your customers receive responses quickly. Improve your Amazon customer support metrics.


How can all your products stay price competitive on Amazon?

List Products in One Click Using Profiles

How many product listings do you have to manage for your business? Our Profiles system takes out a lot of the time consuming, repetitive work involved in listing products across multiple channels.

You’re given the tools to train our system to recognise products and product types. Cloud Commerce Pro will then dynamically update key attributes. This allows you to propagate product listings across marketplaces, automatically updated to match required specifications.

Manage emails from customers in one Message Centre

Responding promptly to customer queries and complaints can directly affect customer satisfaction and whether they leave a negative review. Research suggests, messages responded to within 24hrs receive 50% less negative reviews.

Seller reviews not only have a huge impact on driving sales but whether a seller can reach the “Buy Box” in Amazon. In order to succeed as a seller on Amazon, it is vital that you regard customer “contact response times” (CRT) as a priority.

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    Aggregate all in-bound emails for eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites into one message centre.
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    Emails are automatically identified from the sales channels, where the order was placed.
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    Messages are tracked and prioritised in order of last response time, with alerts and messages showing reply times.
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    All communications are documented by the system and attached to the customers CRM record.
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    All emails are directly sent to the customer and marked as replied in the linked marketplace channel.
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    Create templates for replying to typical support queries, to help speed up response times and reduce work load.

Why choose Cloud Commerce Pro?

We feel the success of our customers has a direct impact on the success of our own business. We want to see you exceed as we do ourselves, so aim to deliver exceptional world-wide growth as well as alleviating the administrative and managerial headaches of trading across multiple channels.

  • Our unique on-boarding approach offers an onsite ecommerce consultation with advice and training.
  • We understand your key challenges as a business, to offer tailored advice in achieving your goals.
  • We will create an implementation / migration project plan, to set targets and expectations from the start
  • Speak to real human beings! No raising tickets, no impossible help-guides - our support is pro-active, dedicated & hard working.
  • We actively encourage our customers to come and visit us whenever they wish. We have a transparent open door policy.
  • We have a wealth of experience in retail, ecommerce and professional design and marketing services.

Don’t just take our word for it…


The Challenge

As 2Squared grew from managing retail outfits and moved into wholesaling, theirs needs also grew exponentially. Because of this, 2Squared approached Cloud Commerce Pro to help them overcome many new obstacles that come with an expanding operation.

luke 2 squared
Luke Hudson
2Squared Agency
“Just having that ability to pick the phone up and speak to a localised member of the team, and perhaps even one of the developers to help you resolve your issue has been a massive part of the reason why we stuck with Cloud Commerce for the last five years.”