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Amazon VAT Calculation Service

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Customers selling on Amazon will soon be able to access the free Amazon VAT Calculation Service (VCS).

Cloud Commerce Pro has been invited to work as an early partner with Amazon in rolling out this service due to our Amazon integration. It will be included as an option in your Cloud Commerce Pro account in the next couple of months, as their service rolls out.

Sellers can expect to hear about the VCS from Amazon in the very near future.

Why Sign Up for the VCS?

Sellers on the VCS will automatically generate VAT invoices that can be downloaded directly by B2B customers, making it easier for them to shop with you. You will also display VAT-exclusive pricing to business customers, giving you a higher chance of winning the Buy Box among business customers.

Once your account is VCS activated, your business is automatically marked as a Business Seller. This is displayed to business customers as another badge, like the Amazon’s Choice and Prime Seller badges already available.

Business customers will be able to use the badge to see where VAT invoices will be automatically produced, making them more likely to prefer sellers with the Business Seller badge.

Business Sellers can access several features designed to increase B2B sales for free, and even benefit from reduced selling fees on high volume B2B orders in some categories.

Amazon reports that badged Business Sellers can expect B2B sales volume to increase by an average of 50% in their first month of membership.

We will announce VCS availability once the roll out is complete.  You don’t need to do anything right now.  You can be sure we are working with Amazon to make this available as soon as possible.

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