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An essential guide to selling on eBay worldwide

September 21, 2020

When it comes to buying and selling online, eBay is one of the top virtual marketplaces. Especially when it comes to getting items at a great price. While Amazon has its own appeal, thousands of consumers choose eBay every day. Thanks to its affordability, access and, of course, all the second-hand items available to buy.

ebay essential guide

Whether you’re looking for a new AUX cable or a second-hand pair of shoes, eBay is bigger than ever. More brands use the site every day. It’s no surprise that it is an excellent way to expand your business globally. If you aren’t trying out eBay, you might be missing out on some very profitable opportunities.

Perhaps you’ve already tried it out in your native country, and you want to branch out. With an eBay universal ID, the world is your oyster. Allowing access to international postage from home, as well as selling products directly through one of eBay’s different global sites. But where to start in getting to know all eBay has to offer?

Read on to find out more about all the international sites eBay sellers can access in A-Z order. From Australia to Malaysia, Ireland to Canada. We’ve got all the details you need to know to get selling:

eBay Australia

With more than 40,000 active sellers through eBay Australia, and 11 million unique visitors each month, eBay has taken Australia by storm. It’s a thriving online buying and selling platform both locally and for international sellers. In 2017 alone, Australian eBay is estimated to have made up 53% of the country’s total non-food based retail sales.

For international sellers, that makes it an interesting possibility. As an isolated island, it’s far more likely that Australians will be importing their goods. For a UK seller, it’s also worth acknowledging the flaws of selling on eBay Australia. Namely, the inability to offer fast shipping times. That could be a problem in comparison to local services.

If eBay Australia sounds like a great pick for your eBay selling business, checking out the Exporting to Australia Guide from the UK Government is your place to start.

eBay Austria

84% of Austria’s population are regular internet users. As such, it’s no surprise there has been a massive surge in online shoppers. When it comes to second-hand buying and selling, eBay is the top choice for Austrians. It’s worth noting, for international sellers, that Austrian and German services are often connected. Many products are fulfilled within German borders for online retailers.

However, this doesn’t rule out international sales as an option. Austria is big on customer service. Provided you can offer a high standard of care they’re less worried about next-day delivery times. It is crucial to the Austrian population that service is conducted in their native Austrian German, which may be a challenge for UK sellers. eBay themselves recommends the use of Google Translate for international sellers. However, this won’t be up to par for detailed or wordy listings.

eBay Belgium

Belgium is all about eCommerce. As proven by a projected four-and-a-half-million revenue for online sales in 2020. If that wasn’t reason enough, the 6% year-on-year growth might be. Belgium’s number-one eCommerce vice is fashion, which makes it an excellent choice for sellers who focus on clothing and accessories over electronics or household goods.

Much like Austria, language is the biggest hurdle when it comes to setting up on eBay Belgium. With two native languages, it has two separate Belgian sites to accommodate each. That means you’ll need to be able to create descriptions in both Dutch and French to achieve those stellar sales.

If Belgium sounds like a promising prospect for you, the Government’s export guide for Belgium is great reading to get you started.

eBay Canada

As you might expect from a country connected to the USA, Canada is big on cross-border purchases. They love buying from abroad when it comes to online retail, too. In 2019, more than 28 million Canadians purchased online, and the amount spent online is set to surpass 33 billion by 2024. That’s a lot of sales, and a big audience to sell to.

Canada is a dual-language country. With eBay operating both French Canadian and English Canadian sites, you’ll want to sell on both to make the most of your sales opportunities. Fashion is the most popular option for eCommerce in Canada. However, electronics and household items aren’t far behind.

To get started, the Government’s Canada Export Guide can provide all the insight you need.

eBay China

China is the world’s biggest exporter for eCommerce goods. Most of us have purchased at least a few things from China over the past few years. But surprisingly, Chinese resident’s appetite for international purchases are almost as large as their own 1.7 trillion eCommerce market. Making it a logical option for international sellers looking to move into Asian markets.

As for the most popular products to sell, cosmetics and baby items top the list. Two areas worth considering for international sellers. You likely will struggle to compete with local markets on electronics and household goods. But find a niche that China can’t provide, and you’ll be golden.

Again, the main hurdle for eBay China is language. Google Translate won’t cut it, and if you aren’t fluent, you’ll likely need to employ translation services for good customer service. The Government has a complete guide to Chinese exports, so give that a read to get you off on the right foot.

eBay France

As the UK’s closest European country, France is a great place to start when you’re considering international eBay sales. With the average user spending more than €900 per year on online retail, France is also very much on the front end of global online sales. Particularly when it comes to their fashion.

The primary language of France is French. So, you’ll want to be able to translate product descriptions into that native language to a high standard. But the added benefit of France is its proximity and shared language with Belgium and Switzerland. That closeness makes it far easier to offer your products to a wider audience with little extra input.

eBay Germany

Germany loves eCommerce. With 62.4 million online users, and up to a third of German consumers buying internationally, Germany is a fantastic candidate to widen your international scope. With main sources of cross-border eCommerce being the UK, the USA and France, it’s a solid option for newcomers and old hands alike.

As for what sells well, Germany is big on books. As well as cosmetics, sporting goods and homeware and, of course, fashion. If you’re planning to sell on eBay Germany, these options are a good bet. Provided you can do proper German translation for your products; you also open up the opportunity to sell to a broader audience. With some localisation, both Belgium and Austria may be additional easy options. If you’re looking for a smooth-sailing start, Germany is a good one to bet on.

eBay Hong Kong

You may think of Hong Kong as a centre for eBay sellers. But Hong Kong residents are also avid eCommerce buyers. With the introduction of eBay Hong Kong, this country is quickly becoming a profitable option for virtual retail sales. Alongside being a place for affordable online purchases. With more than 4.5 million people in Hong Kong shopping online, now is a great time to branch out. That percentage is only going to increase.

Fashion and electronics take the top spot for sales. So you will likely get the most success out of these markets if you sell on eBay Hong Kong. With two official languages, English and Cantonese, some localisation and translation will also be needed for success. Despite Hong Kong counting English as an official language, most people speak Cantonese.

If selling in Hong Kong sounds interesting to you, the Government guide to exports in Hong Kong post-January 2021 might be a helpful read.

eBay Ireland

It’s easy to forget Ireland is a separate entity to the UK. But with their own eBay platform, Ireland does indeed count as international sales – and should be treated as such. There are many reasons why Ireland is a top choice for sellers looking to go global first time. Firstly, their convenient proximity, with a lack of language limitations and of course reduced postage costs a close second.

Fashion and health and beauty products are popular for Irish customers. With more cross-border shoppers than just about any other location in Europe as of 2016, Ireland is an excellent starter option. If you’re dipping your toe into the waters, it’s a great option to spread your wings a little.

You can learn more about the ins and outs of exporting to Ireland in the Government’s guide to get you started.

eBay Italy

Despite being one of Europe’s capitals of shopping, Italy isn’t wholly on the local ecommerce bandwagon. As a result, international sellers can take advantage of the lack of options available close to home. As you’d expect of one of the continent’s most fashionable destinations, clothes and shoes top the list for online shopping. However, don’t electronics fall far behind.

Italian customers expect a high standard of service in comparison to any other location. For example, 92% of consumers look for products with free delivery and detail descriptions specifically. So, you’ll either need to brush up on your Italian to a high standard or employ a service to do it for you. Get that customer service right, and Italy could be all yours – but it’ll take a little extra work to get there.

If Italian eBay appeals to you, check out the Government’s full guide to exports to find out how to get started.

eBay India

eBay has a troubled history in India. Firstly partnering with Flipkart and then separating from the brand to launch solo. As of 2019, India has a growing following of eBay sellers and buyers. Then in June 2020, the Indian branch of eBay announced the ability for cross-border trade on the platform. As you might expect, this has enhanced the appeal of the country to international sellers. With an estimate 220 million online shoppers by 2025, there’s no doubt this country is slowly finding its feet in the global market.

For those new to international selling, India probably isn’t the best starter option. Language translation may be an issue, as well as the instability around how eBay runs within the country. However, for more advanced sellers, India may be an option for consideration. You can find more about the Government guidance for exporting to India here.

eBay Korea

Another slightly unusual one, eBay’s South Korean division is a little less clear-cut than the other Asian options. eBay Korea was created through the merging of Korean retail brand Gmarket with a company called Internet Auction. As such, the platform is more of a mishmash of services than the clear-cut option many eBay sites offer. However, with a reported worth of around $4.8 billion, there’s certainly some value in this unique setup.

We could get into the statistics surrounding online shoppers and cross-border buying in South Korea, but with signs as of 2020 that eBay is planning to sell off their Korea eBay unit, this particular option may not be a stable choice for sellers looking to expand their services into Asia. Instead, Hong Kong, China or even Malaysia may represent better options for expansion.

eBay Malaysia

Malaysia is a growing star in the world of online retail. Resulting in more Malaysians opting to shop online over visiting local stores. Even better, up to 40% of all virtual retail shopping in Malaysia is done cross-border, presenting an excellent opportunity for eBay sellers looking to expand their international reach.

eBay is one of the most popular platforms for selling and buying in Malaysia. Partly, this is because it is safe and secure, and offers a wide range of products, making it suited to the country’s growing need. Apparel is incredibly popular, as well as foods and beverages. If you’re planning to sell in Malaysia, these categories would be great places to start. Of course, you’ll need to be able to translate all descriptions and information into Malay for greater success.

If you’d like to sell on Malaysian eBay, starting with the Government’s Export Guide for Malaysia will give you a head-start.

eBay Netherlands

The Netherlands is a good starter any would-be eBay international seller. Thanks to its proximity, the quality of its infrastructure and the overall popularity of eBay as a platform. As such, eBay is one of the most popular international selling platforms offered to the country – and with €25.8 billion of online sales in 2019 alone, that’s a significant achievement.

As with many European eBay platforms, users will prefer shopping in their native language – in this case, Dutch – when it comes online shopping. In general, this extra work is worth the investment. It can open doors to additional locations like Belgium, adding more value to the translation work.

If you’d like to try selling to Dutch customers through eBay Netherlands, the first place to look is the Government’s guide for exporting to the Netherlands. All the legal information you’ll need is listed there.

eBay Philippines

Yet another Asian country on the verge of eCommerce success. Filipino eBay is growing in popularity as more of the population becomes connected online. With expected growth to triple by 2025 to $25 billion, there’s a lot of brand-new shoppers perfect for selling to in this rapidly developing country.

Secure payments and safety are an issue in the Philippines, which makes the security of eBay highly appealing to online shoppers. With cross-border trade also increasing at a steady rate, it seems likely that this particular audience will only continue growing. It’s well worth getting in early to reap the rewards if you’re looking at Asian expansion for your business.

The Government has a full guide to exporting to the Philippines, providing all the information you need to get started on expansion the right way.

eBay Poland

Back in 2016, Poland was considered Europe’s fasted-growing market for online retail. While their rise has slowed slightly, Polish eBay is still an appealing option for businesses looking to expand their eCommerce into new regions. With 57.8% of Polish residents using eCommerce by 2024, there’s still plenty of growth in this promising market.

While clothing and home furnishings still get those top spots for online retail across borders, car parts and accessories are close behind. Offering a unique opportunity for sellers looking to move beyond the UK. Of course, there’s the usual translation hurdle, with Polish requiring proper conversion to ensure the best results.

If Poland eBay sounds like an exciting option for you, read up on the Government’s guide for exporting to Poland for all the regulations you need to know ahead of time.

eBay Singapore

Much like Malaysia, Singapore is a location that’s rapidly growing in the eCommerce sector. This is shown in 55% of the whole population turning to online retailers for beauty, fashion and electronics abroad. With this in mind, it’s an excellent option for growth in Asia. eBay is already a popular choice in the country, especially for international sales.

One benefit of picking Singapore is that English is one of the primary languages. While it may pay to provide Malay or Standard Mandarin translation, this isn’t a must. As a result, this reduces the cost associated with selling products and allowing for quicker listings.

If you’d like to try our Singapore for international sales, it’s worth checking out the Government’s complete guide to exporting to Singapore to understand all the regulations and requirements you need to meet.

eBay Spain

Much like Italy, Spain is less developed when it comes to their local eCommerce. As a result, thousands of Spaniards choose to purchase products from other countries around the world. Excellent pickings for an international eBay seller. Categories of interest include electronics, parts and accessories and collectables.

As you may expect, translation into Spanish is a requirement. The benefit here is that those translations can also be useful within other Spanish-speaking countries. If Latin America may be an option for you, those translations are all the more valuable. As such, if you’re looking to expand your European reach, the underdeveloped eCommerce in Spain can be an excellent opportunity. Though Spain is rapidly growing to fill that gap sooner rather than later.

The Government provides a full guide to exporting to Spain online. Giving you all you need to get those sales going while following current regulations and requirements.

eBay Sweden

Much like in India and South Korea, Swedish eBay is a little more on the complicated side. eBay instead acquired popular Swedish platform Tradera. The site was then transformed into a Tradera/eBay hybrid, providing similar services to the country. As such, there is no traditional eBay Sweden site to access.

If you’re planning on extending your business across Europe, Tradera is different enough that it’s going to be challenging to integrate. If you’re only planning on expanding to Sweden, it may be worth the additional effort. But that’s down to you.

eBay Switzerland

If you’re looking for a country that favours UK sales over anywhere else, Switzerland is a top choice.

With more spent on average per cross-border transaction, eBay Switzerland has plenty of appeal. Not wholly a surprise from the wealthiest country in the world. For UK merchants, tapping into that wealth can mean great things.

There is one hurdle to success on Swiss eBay. With not one, not two, but three languages, that’s a lot of translation required. German, Italian and French are all Swiss languages. Still, the benefit of translating all three is far easier access to French, Italian, German, and Belgian eBay. So, what you put in can pay for itself very quickly if you’ve savvy about it.

eBay Taiwan

Taiwan is known as a major exporter for anything from electronics to children’s toys. Still, eBay Taiwan is also bustling for international sales – and it’s only getting bigger. While, currently, Japan, the USA and China dominate global sales for Taiwan, there’s room for other countries to gain ground – including eBay merchants in the UK.

In 2018, it’s reported that Taiwan had the most significant proportion of ecommerce shoppers across Asia – and that’s not an insignificant figure at 67% of the population, with more spent per user in addition. With the country continuing to grow, investing in Mandarin translations could be more than worth the up-front cost to access this lucrative market.

You’ll want to ensure you’re following the letter of the law if you’re planning to export to Taiwan. The Government’s own export guide can provide all the details you’ll need.

eBay United Kingdom

When it comes to the big leagues of online shopping, UK consumers are top of the charts. 25% of eBay sellers originate in the UK, with much of the remainder coming from the USA. That includes both domestic and international shopping. As you may expect, British consumers are turning to retailers abroad more than ever. Making them an excellent captive market to target.

Even eBay itself understands the power of UK buyers. The company even holds a greater market share in the country than anywhere else in Europe. It is one of the UK’s best-known and beloved online shopping platforms. So if you’re looking to improve your sales and reach new customers, you won’t do much better than this island nation.

As with any other international sales, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of exporting to the UK. Whether you live there or have stock elsewhere. Particularly considering changes that may occur following the UK leaving the EU.

eBay United States

There’s nowhere quite like the USA when it comes to eBay. With 70% of 182 million eBay users based in America, the US isn’t an audience you want to miss out on. If you’re based out of Canada, China, Japan or the UK, you stand an even higher chance of success.

eBay USA is a fully developed and thriving market. That means you don’t get quite the same benefits as early adopters on less popular or currently growing international platforms. But what it does mean is there’s already an audience for your product ready-made. One that’s well-used to picking the global option to get what they want, when they want it.

Delivery can take a little extra time to the US than to places in Europe. But if you can work out the fastest shipping time possible, eBay America can be a profitable option for you.

Additional Listings for Shop Subscribers

eBay knows how to benefit their high-end merchants. If you’re looking to move into international selling, choosing a Featured or Anchor shop package is highly valuable. A step up from basic storefronts, these higher tiers of shops have added benefits. Including the ability to access the same allowances as native shops within these countries:

Belgium (Dutch)
Belgium (French)
Canada (English)
Canada (French)
United States

Do you currently have a basic shop, and you’re considering expanding into cross-border selling? Then upgrading your account might be an excellent choice. You can learn more about the different tiers for eBay shops here to get

eBay Global Shipping

While many merchants opt to manage their own shipping, there is another option out there. Often referred to as GSP, eBay’s Global Shipping Programme allows packages to a UK-based shipping centre. From which point, they take care of the logistics for you. However, it’s worth noting that certain products may be restricted or prohibited. GSP also isn’t suitable for all transactions, or available for every country – limiting its functionality somewhat.

To find out more about GSP, and whether it’s the right fit for you, you can check it out in eBay’s seller centre. In most cases, merchants formally selling on various international platforms will opt to do shipping themselves. Instead, GSP is more frequently used for the shipping of second-hand or one-off items sold on eBay UK to global users.

Domestic vs International: Which is better?

So, when it comes to improving your international reach, is it better to stay domestic or go international? For some sellers, sticking to local eBay with international shipping options works best. But for others that are serious about offering a complete service, choosing international is the best option. Not only does this give you the ability to separate listings more effectively, but it also allows for higher standards of quality control.

Going international is the top choice for many merchants and sellers worldwide. From the USA to China, Australia to Switzerland, each platform will have a different audience. You’ll get more of an opportunity to get your products in front of new potential customers around the globe. If you want to know how to get there, Using eBay integration tools can be a great way to keep everything in order. Ensuring you get the most out of your expansion and reap the rewards sooner.

If you’re interested in selling on eBay for the first time or making the leap from a domestic to international seller, Cloud Commerce Pro is the service to get you there. With our powerful multi-channel order management integration system, expanding is easier than ever. Get in touch now to find out how.


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