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Attaching Templates to Automatic Emails

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New from Cloud Commerce Pro is the capacity to send PDFs attached to automatic emails, invoice notes, etc., which have been generated through our trigger system.

For example, if you’re using our system to trigger invoice notes on despatch, you can now attach the invoice PDF template to your trigger. Cloud Commerce Pro will then complete the template as well as the invoice note, then attach the PDF and send them both.

This feature has been requested by many customers, and allows Cloud Commerce Pro users to send attachments through the system, instead of reproducing them in the body of an email. Users whose customers will only accept PDF invoices will be especially happy with this news.

We’ve compiled a guide to using this new feature, which you can find linked here.

If you need any extra help using this new feature, or if you just want to know what it means for you, then as always, please speak to your Project Manager or call Support on 01524 230252.

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