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Auto Purchase Order now updated to include re-order at a certain level

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Cloud Commerce Pro have now released an updated Auto Purchase order function.  For those of you that are not familiar with Auto Purchase Order, Cloud Commerce Pro can build up purchase orders when you run out of stock or each time an item an item is sold.  These can be quickly adjusted, confirmed and be sent to your suppliers as required.

Today we have released an update to this feature that can do the following:

If you select the new option called “At Stock Quantity”  you can now set the quantity you wish to re-order at rather than each time a sale is made or when you run out. Also you can set the amount you wish to add to an order when this stock level is reached. This will place an order to bring your stock to the desired level.

If further sales arrive against this item before you send the purchase order then the PO will be adjusted to bring the stock to the desired level. Once you have sent the purchase order a new PO will be created automatically as required.

You can read more about this feature here or speak to your project manager for more information


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