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Auto Supplier Order Fulfilment

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Auto Supplier Order Fulfilment has now come to Cloud Commerce Pro. In the spirit of a certain mobile phone company from California we are reinventing a feature found on similar systems but we are doing it in a more elegant way and then giving it a new name. Sound familiar?

Anyway as of today we have added a new version of our Drop-ship feature that allows you to set products to be automatically fulfilled by your suppliers and it does all the communications to send an email to your supplier. Other communication methods may also be available, speak to your account manager.


In addition we have added a shiny new button on the actions menu in the dispatch queue that will let you manually analyse orders for their drop ship status.

With a final flourish we have also added the ability to take a standard order for a product not normally drop shipped automatically and switch it to a drop ship order. Cloud Commerce Pro will then put your item back into stock (if one had been booked out) and order it from your supplier.

All of these new features are available to all customers with immediate effect and can be found in the dispatch queue.

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