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What can Cloud Commerce Pro do for me and my business

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In short, Cloud Commerce Pro is the best multi channel inventory management and business management system on the market today to help trade sellers and retails sellers handle sales and stock updates.

Here is a quick summary of the features

  1. Detailed customer records and CRM
  2. Centralised dispatch queue and courier management including booking in couriers and send tracking codes automatically
  3. Combine multiple orders from your customers into one dispatch
  4. Stock inbound management including placing orders with suppliers and checking off goods as they arrive and automatic PO’s
  5. Barcode scanning, if you wish to introduce barcode scanning for less mistakes in your picking process it’s built in to CCP
  6. Order handling from many channels at once including Amazon, eBay, Trade, websites and telephone orders.
  7. Automatic stock updating across all your channels automatically. Sell on one channel and the rest are updated.
  8. Edit prices quickly and easily across multiple channels
  9. Send transactions automatically to your accounts package (supported packages only)
  10. Automatic repricing for Amazon to keep your prices competitive
  11. Automatic letters and customer communications even depending on certain filter criteria
  12. Language translations for foreign channels
  13. POS – Free point of sales software so your till is in-sync with your online sales.
  14. Agent handling, if you have people who sell on your behalf CCP can give them limited access to your system
  15. FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) reports and stock management across multiple countries.

And much more.  We add features almost daily to Cloud Commerce Pro and each update is free to all our customers.

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