Cloud Commerce Pro –
an alternative to ChannelGrabber

Multi-Channel Order Management
Shipping Automation
Stock Control
Warehouse Management

“We had been using ChannelGrabber for around a year before switching to Cloud Commerce Pro, it was the best thing we could have done (what an eye opener).”

– Nikki, Chilli Wizards

Set-Up/Implementation Cloud Commerce Pro ChannelGrabber
Free On-Site Consultation Yes No
Develop an Implementation Plan Yes No
Support in mapping SKUs across all Channels Yes No
Set-up for all integrations (inc. bespoke systems) Yes No
Features & Functionality
No Annual Contract Period Yes Yes
Pricing not based on Revenue Yes No
Ebay & Amazon Message Centre Yes Yes
Unlimited Users Yes Yes
Unlimited SKUs Yes No
Trade Customer Support Yes No
Unlimited Phone Support Yes Yes
Unlimited Online Support Yes Yes
Unlimited 1-on-1 Training at our Head Office Yes No
  • Unique Workflows Tool lets us Sync with Anything

  • icons8-estimates-50

    Set Auto Purchase Thresholds to Manage Restocking

  • Support for Trade Customers

  • icons8-manager-50

    Complex Warehouse Management

A Solution for the Long Term

At Cloud Commerce Pro we recognise that adopting a multi-channel order management system is a big decision.

There are major requirements of systems like Cloud Commerce Pro, ChannelGrabber, and the other competing platforms.

  • They have to connect seamlessly with multiple sales channels, shipping couriers, payment gateways, accounts packages and more.
  • The data flowing to and from each of these systems has to be correct and up to date. An error anywhere in the process could cause serious problems before it can be traced and corrected.
  • The system has to be easier to operate than juggling all existing accounts. It has to provide real savings in time, efficiency, and accuracy.
  • It should allow for easy automation of processes, but have the flexibility to cope when something out of the ordinary requires manual intervention.
  • Most importantly, it should fit your business and your needs, not demand your business change to fit it.

We believe every single one of these points is necessary. Our mission statement is to achieve all of them, and go the extra mile to deliver more. That’s why we’re always adding more features. Every new addition is driven by our customers, current and future.

  • Onsite Consultation

    When you’re interested in our service, we come to you. Cloud Commerce Pro offers an onsite consultation to help new customers develop a game plan for making the most of our service.

  • Complex Warehouse Support

    We’ll help you implement and integrate inventory tracking that works for you, including tracking by aisle, shelf, and warehouse if needed. Barcode and scanning support is built in to the service.

  • Accurate Channel Mapping and SKU Control

    We’ll work with you to build a complete and accurate base inventory, mapping your products across channels. We’ll help you eliminate duplicate products and other inventory traps.

Setup Wizards aren’t Magic

Competitors like ChannelGrabber sell themselves on their setup wizard, claiming they can get you started in five minutes or less. To do this, they have to provide a rigid system. Your business has to change to fit it. We often hear the same story from business who come to us after trialling a competitor.

The system they tried doesn’t let their teams work the way they’re used to.

Cloud Commerce Pro is a flexible system designed for businesses of different sizes across different industries. For example, our warehouse management support works with both simple or complex warehouse storage systems.

Using rules you’ll shape for your own installation, our system will let you work the way you always have, the way that works for you. The difference? We’ll help you reduce errors, improve efficiency, and speed those processes up.

You can’t achieve that level of customer control with a setup wizard. Instead, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager. They’ll learn your existing systems and your priorities, and they’ll tap our extensive support team to get everything just the way you want it.

Once Cloud Commerce Pro’s set up, you’ll hit the ground running. Setup wizards may seem fast, but the way they’re designed always leaves a few things to be corrected. Even finding out what needs to be corrected can take weeks, let alone fixing it.

During those weeks, nobody on your team will be working at full efficiency. Errors go uncaught, and frustrations rise.

See For Yourself

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