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Cloud Commerce Pro Now Integrates with SAP

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SAP integrates with Cloud Commerce Pro

We’re delighted to tell SAP customers they can now integrate their cloud-based enterprise resource planning system with Cloud Commerce Pro, the leading multi-channel management service. And because we also use the cloud to give our clients greater flexibility, you can now plan and manage your business from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

SAP users already know the advantages of using ERP tools to gain a competitive edge over their customers. Now Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with SAP, it allows your business to streamline or automate even more of your work.

Ship Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

Online orders in SAP can feed directly to Cloud Commerce Pro, where automated shipping rules:

  • Select the best service for the order by weight, destination, and priority
  • Connect to the courier through our many courier integrations and automatically book shipping
  • Generate and print shipping labels from the order

The order is then updated back into SAP – or you can use the Cloud Commerce Pro pack station to pack your order in under 30 seconds before updating stock in SAP.

Automatically Synchronised Records

Both systems are designed to easily receive and send out updates on inventory, orders, and more. Using a combination of event-driven and scheduled triggers, the data in both systems can be kept in sync reliably and automatically.

Expand SAP’s Reach

Like SAP, Cloud Commerce Pro scales from small businesses on up, giving you the tools you need to succeed at any level. Being able to integrate from the beginning means you can develop processes and ways of working that won’t get in the way of growth.

Instead, they’ll easily adapt with you as more team members join you.

Just as importantly, Cloud Commerce Pro integrates to accounting packages, CMSs and more. Because Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with SAP, SAP users can easily connect to and even automate other systems you use.

They become another easy step in the process instead of a whole process of their own. So as your business grows to need new tools, you can take it in stride.

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