3 Way Components

Cloud Commerce Pro Review

3 Way Components is an online retailer selling automotive electrical components to national and international customers. They focus on selling branded components, ensuring quality for their customers, but at the lowest price point they can manage.

They sell on eBay, over the phone, and through their eCommerce site.

Initially, 3 Way Components were stocking around 2,500 SKUs when they came to us. Also, most of their sales where from multi-packs of individual items. On average, around 3,000 orders are shipped each month.

In order to keep costs competitive, individual order margins are typically low. Therefore everything that limits selling more products directly cuts into their overall profit margin.

The Challenge

When they contacted us, 3 Way Components had reached that point where administration and organisation had become a major limiting factor on potential growth. Having taken on new staff to assist in packing orders, they still faced several key bottlenecks.

Most of the tasks associated with the day-to-day running of the business were being handled manually or on spreadsheets. Time lost to these tasks can’t be spent on growing the business.

There was a clear need for improved efficiency, which led to the decision to use an order management system.

There were several key requirements:

  • Clearer and easier financial reporting than an accounts spreadsheet

  • Ability to handle customer service on eBay and their own site from one screen

  • Streamline and improve accuracy of stock purchasing

Our Solution

A deal was agreed and we began preparations for their system just before Christmas. A roadmap for on-boarding was agreed and put in place to get them onto our system.

Our on-boarding support and system also:

  • Set up an Express Packing Station, speeding up the packing of deliveries.

  • Linked both sales channels to one central inventory, allowing for synchronised stock levels after every order.

  • Implemented a central message centre, so customer service can be handled across both channels at a glance.

  • Gave them access to our financial and other reports for a clearer at-a-glance understanding of the business.

“Cloud Commerce Pro is a very useful management system and works very efficiently. The staff at CCP are friendly and always at hand to help if you have any problems.

The system can be tailored to your type of business and saves masses of time when it comes to ordering stock and order processing.

I would recommend CCP to anyone who is having troubles managing their business as it is a useful tool and very reasonably priced.”

Antonio, 3 Way Components