Chilli WIzards

Cloud Commerce Pro Review

Chilli Wizards are a Yorkshire-based company delivering the very best chilli products from around the world. From humble beginnings as a startup, they’ve built themselves a niche across four brands (one marketing directly to trade customers).

Each brand has their own eCommerce site as well as selling on eBay and Amazon. Catering to every market, they offer everything from a mild seasoning mix to ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper heat in around 4,000 different product listings.

The Challenge

As the company grew, the need for ways to streamline their processes grew with it. Before coming to Cloud Commerce Pro, they were using a competing system to manage orders across multiple channels, and another service to produce labels for dispatch. They’d invested considerable time setting up automatic shipping rules to sort orders across their three couriers.

However, they were beginning to reach the limits of what they could do with that system – around 1000-1200 orders per week. This was a particular concern as they started to prepare for the holiday season. Many of Chilli Wizards’ products make popular Christmas gifts for chilli fans.

On top of that, they were dealing with issues with the link between their order management and shipping management systems. Orders were failing to feed through correctly. With both companies claiming the problem was on the other end, one thing was clear.

The issue wasn’t going to be fixed any time soon.

Chilli Wizards’ pain points

Having talked with us before choosing their first order management system, Chilli Wizards reached out to us again.

  • Issues with the feeds between multiple systems

  • Not enough automation to support their warehouse team

  • Six online channels and telephone orders

  • Order management support only through online tickets

Our Solution

Our on-boarding team helped Chilli Wizards import their existing product listings and shipping rules. By providing direct integration from order channels through to their couriers, we immediately cut out the connection errors. We also introduced direct integration with PayPal for orders.

Following a successful Christmas, our Message Centre service became their new priority.

Instead of using their eCommerce site back end, We demonstrated that it would be faster to process telephone orders through our system.

Invoice printing was configured to use different branding according to the channel the order was taken through.

“We had been using ChannelGrabber for around a year before switching to Cloud Commerce Pro. It was the best thing we could have done (what an eye opener). With ChannelGrabber, we had no support at all only web chat (we were told by them they don't offer telephone support). Since we first started out with Cloud Commerce Pro we have had nothing but excellent communication and support as and when we need it.

We were told that it would be around 8 weeks before we could go live but the team there went above and beyond and got us up and running in around 5-6 weeks.

I’d recommend anyone to get in touch with CCP to see what they can offer. We are saving so much time using CCP and couldn't thank them enough not just for the system but for the service as well.”

Nikki Ineson, Chilli Wizards