Scale Model Shop

Cloud Commerce Pro Review

Scale Model Shop are an online business based in Halifax, selling scale models, accessories and tools for hobbyists across the UK & Europe. Specifically, they sell through their own eCommerce site as well as on Amazon and eBay.

As with most hobbyist stores - phone orders are also common, especially with the owner’s specialist knowledge being an important selling point for the channel.

Depending on the time of year, they stock around 10,000 products and process from 350 to 1,000 orders weekly. Shipping averages around 500 orders per week.

The Challenge

Scale Model Shop was already firmly established before coming to Cloud Commerce Pro. They had used one of our competitors for a little over a year and were frustrated. Thus, there were issues with the system and they couldn’t get the support they needed to resolve these issues.

Because of these issues, many important day-to-day tasks were still being handled outside the software. So, improvements in efficiency were only minor.

Having decided to move, Scale Model Shop considered a number of potential solutions, and settled on Cloud Commerce Pro during our on-site consultation.

They had several requirements:

  • Task automation, allowing them to process orders faster and more efficiently

  • Automated Amazon repricer, to drive sales and increase reach on Amazon

  • Integration with other business software including Sagepay and Xero

Our Solution

Their existing contract was expiring soon and a deadline was set to migrate within two months. Initially, we drew up a priority list so that the most important features were attended to first. However, Our system and on-boarding support improved some key areas.

Scale Model Shop has also used our sister company, Cloud Seller Pro, in managing their Google Shopping campaign.

  • List products across multiple sales channels using our Profile system

  • Set up an Express Packing Station, so to pack and book deliveries in with couriers as quickly as possible

  • Link all channels to one central inventory, so stock levels synchronise whenever an order is received on any channel

  • A central Message Centre, so to respond to customers from all channels from the same screen

“Mark from CCP came out to see us and we decided they would be the company to move to. The move over was handled well… once the data was across, we managed to make some adjustments to suit us.

So far the support has been great, no ticket system, you talk to real people, and everyone I have spoke to have all been courteous and friendly, and I have rang a lot, mostly questions like, how do I…? They are always willing to help.

I don’t think we are using the platform to its full capabilities. CCP has saved us so much time in order processing, and the more orders you process the more time you save.

It’s not perfect… however, they are improving the system all the time.”

John, Scale Model Shop