CLOUD COMMERCE PRO REVIEW uses Cloud Commerce Pro to improve their service and grow their business.


With a showroom and warehouse in Leeds, sell kitchen and bedroom cabinets, cabinet doors, and counter tops. Their online trading presence is strongly diversified, selling on Amazon, eBay and their own site (built on WooCommerce).

The business is highly scalable. As with many eCommerce businesses selling good products, the biggest limit they have on their potential success is the rate they can fulfil orders.

The Challenge

At the time they approached us, Top Doors was preparing for a strong growth phase. Management had realised that before they expand, they should have the support they need in place, considering Linnworks and Brightpearl in addition to Cloud Commerce Pro.

They had already adopted a number of systems to help with specific aspects, including XSellCo to manage customer messages and feedback from one place across multiple channels. QuickBooks had also been pressed into service to give them a basic stock control system with purchase ordering.

However, the stock control they had wasn’t effective enough. When handling stock control manually, there are some issues that almost always come up.

For example, under manual stock control, many companies ‘mislay’ some of their stocks, leading them to order new stock before they have to. This reduces cashflow as it’s tied up in the extra stock, all of which is still stored in your warehouse, eating up space that could be used for other lines.

Without good warehouse management, this mislaid stock can linger for years, tying up money that should be helping your business.

As some of their products are modified from others (with countertops being stocked at the largest size they offer and cut down to smaller sizes when requested) keeping accurate stock records up to date across all platforms was also complicated.

The dispatch process had yet to be automated, which in busy periods created an effective ‘fulfilment cap’; the warehouse team could only process around 50 orders per day.

Top Doors were also repricing their Amazon listings manually. This has been shown to be significantly less effective than automated repricing in winning the coveted ‘Buy Box’ on Amazon – and Buy Box products get 82% of the sales.

  • Order fulfilment rate capped by manual processing
  • Insufficient stock control methods
  • Manual repricing limiting Amazon performance
  • The need to improve customer experience

The Solution

Cloud Commerce Pro integrates smoothly with WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay. We provided a multi-channel order management system, keeping inventory levels consistent across each channel as saes were made.

Our stock control solution also includes purchase order management. Automated following rules designed with Top Doors’ input, we eliminated the need for manual stock ordering and the errors that come with it. Instead, they can set re-order thresholds on a product by product basis.

The system also integrates with their couriers (Royal Mail and Tuffnells). Not only that – we automated shipping. Custom rules select courier and service for each order, place the bookings, and create invoices and packing labels automatically.

We’ve also helped to streamline dispatch management, making the pick & pack process faster and less vulnerable to errors. And to complete the package, our Amazon Repricer removes the need for manual repricing and helps drive sales through Amazon.

“Cloud Commerce Pro software has had a positive impact on our business, straightforward to use, [you] do not need to be an IT expert! Besides the software and reports, their customer service is truly world class backed by an excellent Project Management team that helps you in transition and a very patient training team who empower you with all the knowledge you need about the system!”

Ravi, Top Doors