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Sync with Anything Using Cloud Commerce Pro Workflows

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Cloud Commerce Pro can now be set up to sync to other systems in your stocking and ordering processes as needed. At the heart of this process is the new Workflows tool. Our cloud functionality lets you send or receive the data from any location.

Connect via

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • API
  • EDI

Central Hub

Cloud Commerce Pro can be your central stock and order hub. We want to help you streamline and automate work processes across every sales channel, supplier, courier – even your accounting system.

The Workflows tool allows for seamless synchronisation between our platform and your company’s other stock and order systems. It can be configured to an individual system, subject to a small development cost and channel suitability.

Sync with Anything: Cloud Commerce Pro's built-in tool lets you connect any aspect of your order and stock systems to our management system.

  • Synchronise order fetching across channels
  • Pull product data from channel listings
  • Update stock levels across channels
  • Register updated shipping information automatically to CRM
  • Automatically pull tracking codes from multiple couriers for records in one location

Synchronisation can be set up to trigger on events (orders, stock changes, etc.) or scheduled to run at a specific time. We want synchronisation options to be as flexible as the system itself.

If you want to connect another system to your Cloud Commerce Pro hub to improve your processes, speed up work and minimise errors, tell your Project Manager what channel you want to connect and ask about the Workflows tool.

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