Reduce time spent on customer services with our CRM & Messaging

Find orders, keep customers informed and communicate at every stage of the order process

CRM & Messaging Features

  • Messaging

    Handle all your marketplace emails through the Message Centre. Create simple templates for answering the frequent questions you encounter.

  • CRM

    Search through multiple options to find customers and order history easily within your built-in CRM.

  • Edit Orders

    Edit existing orders from within your CRM.

  • Invoicing

    Access invoices for all your orders, including FBA orders.

  • Place new Orders

    Create manual orders from within a customer record. You can apply discounts and pricing rules to a sales channel or an individual customer.

  • Create Returns

    Create returns from within the customer record and book stock back into your inventory when it enters the warehouse.

  • Order Audit Trail

    Logs every user and action. See who did what and when and track orders from entering the system to leaving the warehouse.

ccp crm message centre

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