Remove any guesswork by automating your Purchase Ordering process

Eliminate the risk of overselling fast moving stock whilst not over ordering slow-moving inventory items through Cloud Commerce Pro

Purchase Order Features

Cloud Commerce Pro offers various options in handling the auto-creation of supplier orders. In fact, you also have the ability to accept, amend or reject orders before alerting your supplier.

  • One in, One out

    This option allows retailers to minimise the amount of stock held, whilst being able to sell a larger range of products than available warehouse space.

  • Min-Max Quantity

    Order what you need, when you need it. Reduce decision making, forgetting to re-order, missing sales or fulfilling orders. Configure minimum stock re-order levels and maximum quantity to purchase individually or in bulk.

  • Out of stock Purchases

    Create single purchase orders each time a product is sold that have run out of stock. Therefore moves onto a one in, one out method of re-ordering.

Making Drop Shipping easy for you...

Auto Drop Shipping Orders

No need for manual processing. Thus, set individual products to send a ‘Drop Ship’ purchase order directly to the supplier automatically.

Supplier Communication

Reduce workload and save time sending out drop shipping and purchase orders by automatically emailing them direct to the supplier.

Booking in Stock

Often it is the same warehouse staff who book in stock, as well as performing the picking and packing tasks. So it is crucial for improving efficiency, you provide them with the necessary tools to carry out tasks as quickly as possible with as little fuss and paper work as possible.

  • Book in stock through scanners or on-screen.

  • Once marked as delivered, stock is added directly back into all channels ready to be sold, or listed.

  • Back orders are set as a priority into the despatch queue, ready for Picking and Packing.

  • Mark missing or damaged items and easily reorder missing stock from a Purchase Order.


How to manage orders that contain self-fulfilled and drop-shipped products.