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Custom SMTP Servers can now be tied to different documents

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In the latest update of Cloud Commerce Pro we have added a new feature that allows you to use different external (or CCP) SMTP servers with different documents.  This means you can now send context aware documents from different email addresses as you require.


An example of such a use would be that you may like to send all your documents from your main brand identity but then send special instructions from a support domain address.  The context aware email can be now set to do this automatically.

A simpler use is that you can have one CCP system but multiple brand identities and depending on the product sold or channel it is sold on you can automatically use a different mail address.


Another use case would be sending emails for sales from your UK based channels from your UK address but perhaps communications to your French buyers from a French email address to convey a local presence.

Cloud Commerce Pro can handle all these different decisions automatically once you enable your preferences.  Speak to your project manager for help with setup. Remember this is combined with the very flexible context aware email system that can send different emails on your behalf depending on many criteria including where an item was sold and what item it is, plus many other useful criteria.


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