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Delete or Disable Price Overrides

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This week we added a new feature that allows you to delete Price Overrides that have been previously applied to customers’ accounts and a new place you can view all your Price Overrides you have added to all customer accounts.  If you want to know more about Price Overrides, read this post

To view all price overrides go to the discounts section from your system homepage then click the Price Overrides button

You can now delete single Price Overrides using the button next to the applicable one or you can delete them all using the delete all function.  Please note these cannot be restored once deleted and would need to be added again manually.

Price Overrides are available both in your order from stock view and also, if you allow your customers to login and place their own orders, they can benefit from Price Overrides in their view too.  There is now a further feature if you visit the settings button in this section that will allow you to disable Price Overrides when your customer is logged in.  You may prefer that they cannot apply Price Overrides, only your staff can do it.

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