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Discount Order Total by Percentage or Value

Our latest improvement to one of our features allows Cloud Commerce Pro users to easily apply a discount (as a value or a percentage) to an order from stock.

Where you would previously have needed to calculate and apply a discount for each line item in an order, you can now apply the discount across the order at once.

Not only that, but you can apply this discount to either net or gross values!

Setting a Manual Order Discount

Setting discounts this way is easy.

Order screens now include edit icons in the Disc Net and Disc Gross columns:

A popup will then open with a toggle switch allowing you to set a flat discount value or a percentage, and a space to enter the discount:

Once you’ve applied the discount, your order will be ready to go.

If you need any extra help using this new feature, then as always, please contact the support team on 01524 230252.

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