eBay & Shopify Integration

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Grow your market and sell more products faster with eBay & Shopify Integration, backed by an all-in-one Stock Control and Warehouse Management platform

Benefits of eBay & Shopify integration with Cloud Commerce Pro

Improve the efficiency of your eCommerce business with eBay and Shopify integration. Stock levels and pricing can be synchronised across your sales channels, so you’ll never oversell again.

Cloud Commerce Pro doesn’t just integrate your sales channels – it also connects directly to couriers and logistics partners. Shipping can be automatically booked for each package, selecting the correct service according to weight, priority, and location.

All sales are aggregated into a single, easy to manage dispatch queue. We give you the tools you need to fulfil your orders fast. As well as automated shipping, Cloud Commerce Pro can generate pick lists for single orders, groups, or even all Amazon orders, depending on priority.

Our Profiles tool makes it easy to update or add product listings across all sales channels, and we have an automated solution for re-purchasing stock. Cloud Commerce Pro is designed to save you time, money, and peace of mind.

  • Shopify Plus

    Integrates directly with Shopify and Shopify Plus

  • Customer History

    Import any historic records from Shopify, as you build up a comprehensive record of all customers in our CRM

Ebay & Shopify Integration features

  • Accurate Inventory Management

    Never oversell again. Control inventory across all marketplaces and storefronts from one central screen.

  • Automated Shipping

    Set up custom shipping rules for providers and order management integration. Also, automate service selection and label printing.

  • Customer Service

    See messages from all channels in one message centre. Set up auto-responders to improve reply time and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Re-Purchasing Made Easy

    Set up minimum stock thresholds and purchase orders will automatically be raised for favoured suppliers when stock drops below them.

  • CRM

    Store all order data by customer in one system. Easy access makes it easy to build long-term relationships.

  • Accounting Integration

    Also integrate directly to one of several accounting packages. Track sales, VAT, and expenses automatically.


How do you make your warehouse Picking & Packing methods more efficient?

“Cloud Commerce Pro eCommerce solutions have been instrumental in our growth and success across multiple UK and international sales platforms. Their constant development ethos is pushing them in front of the competition and expanding our market advantage.”

Charlotte Murrey, Run Charlie