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Enterprise Order Fulfilment: Pallet Shipping Management

What do you do when your typical shipments are big enough that couriers aren’t cost effective tools? You move on to pallet shipping. Maybe you develop a delivery team to go with your shipping team, or maybe you contract hauliers. Either way, you’re shipping at a volume where one lost package can be an expensive mistake. Pallet shipping management isn’t like courier management – but that doesn’t mean Cloud Commerce Pro can’t help.

Pallet shipping management is an essential for enterprise-scale manufacturers and retailers.

Container: Pallet Shipping Management

Our Container system is designed for any business who routinely ships orders in multiple large containers. It’s perfect for wholesalers and manufacturers selling in B2B markets, especially if large orders are the norm.

Using Container, you can track multiple orders broken down by the vehicle, pallet, and even crate they’re packed into. It gives your delivery team the tools they need to load a vehicle so that the first stops are closest to the door, for easy unloading.

On top of that, the system automatically generates packing lists by the box, so each delivery location will know what to expect and how it’s been broken down in advance.

Cloud Commerce Pro's Container interface is perfect for pallet shipping management.

This streamlining makes it faster and more effective to load and offload your trucks or vans, which increases your effective shipping capability.

Get a clear, accurate and detailed understanding of what’s been sent, where, and how – and ensure accountability for your expensive shipments.

Documents and labels are automatically generated and printed, ready to be applied before loading.

The system provides you with a full understanding of what your pallet and fleet capacity can handle. This has the added bonus of showing you whether you’ll need to take steps to be ready for peak season.

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