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EPOS New Feature and Update to the Suppliers Section

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For users of the Cloud Commerce Pro EPOS feature we have included a small but often requested update this week.

Previously when adding discounts it was required to add discounts on a per line basis however customers have asked us to be able to add discounts to an order as a whole.  This simple change on the surface was actually very complex under the hood.  Discounts for accounting purposes still have to be attributed to items so what we have done is allowed you to enter your desired discount amount or percentage and then we automatically spread that across the items on the order, hopefully making users lives a little easier.

You will find the new “order discount” icon next to the totals button at the bottom of the screen.  A new screen pops up that allows you to enter your desired discount.  You can still access the order line discounts by either clicking the adjustments button or double clicking the line item.

In addition and in the spirit of small updates that make things easier we have also improved how supplier orders are displayed on the suppliers section of Cloud Commerce Pro.  In the past both open and closed supplier orders were displayed on the main supplier page. We have now split these out so the page just loads faster, especially for users with lots of supplier orders.  The completed orders can still be accessed by clicking the “delivered orders” button.


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