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FAQ – Cloud Commerce Pro/ChannelGrabber Merger

What’s Happened?

Cloud Commerce Pro have acquired ChannelGrabber and we are embarking on a merger of the two businesses. The two companies now have a shared leadership team and will share experience and expertise. However, they’re not being combined completely, and nor are the products.


As two businesses in the same field with similar approaches, coming together allows us to offer our clients a wider range of products and services and an even higher standard of support as the combined company grows.

What’s the Difference Between the Two Companies and Services?

ChannelGrabber offers multi-channel eCommerce solutions best suited to small to mid-sized retailers seeking easy-to-use software with instant sign-up and rapid setup. Cloud Commerce Pro fulfils the needs of larger retailers or those with more complex requirements.

What Will This Mean for the Customer?

If you’re on the best plan for your business’s current requirements and budget, you’ll still have the same interface and tools you’re used to. But switching to a plan that better fits your business will be easier than ever before, with support the whole way through, and the range of features we can offer is much wider.

What Do Customers Get Out of It?

More products, more services, more solutions, more choice. This includes Cloud Seller Pro, the only UK paid search marketing company which charges exclusively for results – no hidden fees, no long contracts, just increased sales and higher return through Amazon Sponsored Ads and Google Shopping. Cloud Seller Pro will now be available to all of our customers regardless of their chosen software platform.

Will Products or Services be Discontinued?

No. All products and services offered by both companies will continue to be developed with an emphasis on meeting the needs of their respective target markets and customers.

Will Customers be Able to Move Between Product Ranges?

Yes. If, as a result of the merger, we can offer an exisiting customer a plan which better suits their needs and budget, they can change plans and products.

Will There Be an Upgrade Cost?

Without a specific, detailed analysis of what you want, what you need, and what we’d be taking into account, we can’t tell you whether there’d be an upgrade cost, or what it would be. But please do ask – we’ll be happy to give you all the information you need to settle on your best plan.

Will There be Any Changes in Personnel?

No. We are not planning to make changes to our team, their roles or their location. But we will be actively encouraging integration and collaboration between teams as we build one company and one brand from two.

Will There be Any Drop in the Quality of Service?

No. Both companies pride ourselves on our market-leading customer satisfaction – we are the top-scoring vendors in our segment for Trustpilot and Google trust and customer satisfaction rankings and we have every intention of maintaining our always high standards.

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