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Feature Upgrade: Price Overrides

We launched our Price Overrides option in 2018. It was designed for retailers who want to offer special prices to certain customers. (The alternative was to apply a discount, but this shows as a discount.)

Price Overrides allows our users to give special prices for regular customers, including trade customers. Cloud Commerce Pro automatically overrules the standard cost the next time the same customer orders the same products. Naturally, it can be altered or overridden at any time.

This week, we added a new option in the Discounts section of our system that allows you to view and manage them. This makes it easier to catch any overrides that may have been set and forgotten about.

Price Overrides cannot be restored once deleted – but identical new rules can be created if they’re necessary.

For those users who allow trade customers to log in and place their own orders directly in Cloud Commerce Pro, you can allow them to see or disable them while your customers are logged in. (This is handled in the Settings button for Discounts.)

As always, if you’d like to know more about Price Overrides, your Account Manager will be more than happy to help you.

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