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General Update

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Did you know Cloud Commerce Pro’s codebase updates twice a week on Monday and Thursday? During the week the team is constantly making small and large improvements and then they are rolled out to you as quickly as we can.

As well as many small bug fixes, today’s system publish includes the following new small features.

We improved the print barcode screen to properly work with a range of ids, not just a single product which allows you to print multiple barcodes
We added a checkbox to let you see your unused barcodes
We added a checkbox to let you create the same number of barcodes on-screen as the number of stock you have
We changed the main screen to show a count of your open returns
We added an edit function for the order reference and order note field from your customer screen by clicking the order, previously this could only be edited from the dispatch screen.
We added the note field to the order list on the customer screen so you can see order notes more easily
We improved the employee logs screen with various small changes including adding a loading message when the employee log data is loading as this can take a few seconds sometimes.

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