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Get shipping right, every time with Simple Shipping Rules

We’ve been working hard on a new feature for Cloud Commerce Pro that helps customers pick the right shipping option every time but is much easier to setup than previous version. Called ‘Simple Shipping Rules’, it will simplify automating decision-making according to your own business criteria. As a result, you have control and consistency over the couriers and services used in your packing process. 

It’s another example of how we’re constantly investing in your future success, facilitating critical business decisions, and making your business more efficient.

How Simple Shipping Rules works:

Each time an order is fed in from one of your channels, Cloud Commerce Pro instantly matches it against your couriers and shipping rules to see which one to select based on an easy-to-understand priority system. All rules are assigned a number, with 1 being the highest priority rule and the rest descending from 2, 3 and 4 onwards, with the lowest priority being the last rule in the list. Each rule is checked against your business criteria and discarded until it finds the first matching rule.

In the previous Advanced Shipping Rules module, you could do all of the above, however, the logic was complex to set up and often our users relied on our shipping team to help them configure it.  In the new Simple Shipping Rules module, it’s so simple our customers can control it themselves.

It’s easy to set up and we’ve written an overview guide that takes users through the basic functions of viewing, editing, and creating shipping rules in Cloud Commerce Pro.

Key features are:

It’s a seamless process to add these new rules to your dashboard on Cloud Commerce Pro. You can set your own priorities using a simple drag and drop menu, adding the different couriers you use, and the services that match with that delivery partner.

By using the ‘criteria’ tab in the system you can add criteria that customises your shipping rule to specific requirements. You can add criteria for all manner of things such as weights, dimensions, and bay locations. For example, if you want a shipping rule that only applies to consignments below 4000g, this is where you set that up.

What’s more, you can select which countries you want to use. That is, either to exclude regions you don’t ship to or to make a rule for a specific one. The same can is applicable for your personal sales channels, so you can filter by channel type such as Amazon, eBay, or your own website.

For all new customers we are enabling this feature by default.  For existing customers please speak to support to switch to the Simple Shipping Rules module.

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