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Importing HS Codes against your Products

With Brexit imminent, HS Codes are soon going to be needed even when shipping to EU countries. This means some businesses that only export to EU customers are dealing with them for the first time. But don’t worry – they’re simple enough for Cloud Commerce Pro customers to handle.

In fact, it’s a four-step process. Let’s walk you through it.

What You Need to Do

Step One: A New Product Export

The process starts with a new export of your products. You’ll find this in Products>Exports>Export Products:

Step Two: Download Your Export

Once your export has completed (which may take a little while for larger product databases), you can download your export as a spreadsheet with Actions>Download Spreadsheet.

Step Three: Complete the Codes

You’ll find a column labelled VAR_HSCode. This needs filling out with your products’ HS codes. You can find those code categories with the Trade Tariff tool released by the government, here.

Save your spreadsheet and re-import it using Products>Imports>Upload Spreadsheet.

Step Four: Import Codes

After your upload is completed, you’ll have the option to start using it. Check the ‘Use’ box, then run step 5: “Import Variations”:

That’s all you need to do. Once that’s done, your products all have the HR codes they need and will be ready to ship overseas again.

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