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Improved Postage Rules Selector

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Following feedback from our new proactive support team who have been calling customers, we are pleased to introduce a newly updated shipping rules selector that will be making its way into our customers systems during the next 24 hours.

Shipping rules is a highly automated part of Cloud Commerce Pro that sets the correct courier and service automatically for our customers on every order if you have configured your preferences correctly, occasionally however you need or wish to select a different rule.

In those cases when you click the button to select an alternative shipping rule we always presented you with all other compatible shipping rules but with the new update we will also show you any other rules that are not currently matching.  You can then choose if you wish to select and immediately use a non-matched rule and in future if you want to make it match this scenario automatically you can hover over the non-matching rule and see why it didn’t match this time.  Further there is another option to go directly from there to make the changes to your rules for better future matching.


We hope we have made rule selection and rule updating a simpler experience for all customers.  Feedback is welcome.  Please contact your project manager or the proactive support team.

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