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Inline stock and price editing across many channels

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Another week, another great feature for Cloud Commerce Pro, the ultimate stock control inventory system.  This week we have been looking at inline stock and price editing and now via our new Product Manager feature we have made it possible to edit stock and prices across many channels, or many products in seconds.

Customers told us they liked the simplicity of the Amazon’s own editor but didnt like logging in to other territories and especially didn’t like switching to update stock and prices on other channels such as eBay, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify and others.  Well now if they are Cloud Commerce Pro users they don’t have to.
Available immediately is the inline stock and price editor.  Just choose the view menu and then Price/Stock.  Now you can edit your stock levels, live prices or even your Pseudo stock level.  Pseudo stock is a fake stock level that overrides your real stock level.
Take a look at the attached image, as usual a picture says a thousand words.

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