Connect to your Groupon Account

Cloud Commerce Pro can connect our order management platform with your Groupon account to give you a powerful multi-channel order management system integrated with your beautiful Groupon Deals platform. You can then use Cloud Commerce Pro’s powerful picking and packing routines and powerful mutli-channel stock updating* features plus much more.

*Please note you cannot update stock to Groupon due to a Groupon limitation but every other channel will be updated when a sales occur on Groupon.

  • Collect your orders from Groupon

    Cloud Commerce Pro will act as your master inventory control and can handle all complicated picking, packing, re-ordering, and many other features.

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    Pick and Pack your Groupon orders

    Pick and Pack using the lightning-fast routines in Cloud Commerce Pro.

integrate to Cloud Commerce Pro

Event-driven or Scheduled?

Any event in Cloud Commerce Pro such as a click of a button or a stock change can trigger an event that can run a synchronization or update to and from Groupon. In addition, scheduled triggers can create processes to run at any time of the day or night. 

integrate to Cloud Commerce Pro

Want us to connect to your system or channel?

If you have a channel or system you would like to connect, speak to our Sales team for more information.