La Redoute Integration

As one of Europe’s leading clothing and furniture marketplaces, Cloud Commerce Pro’s order management software will integrate with La Redoute seamlessly.

CCP integrate with la redoute

In all, when you integrate with La Redoute with Cloud Commerce Pro, it handles your orders through the marketplace automatically. To point out, La Redoute is a specialist integration. So, please contact us first for further details.

La Redoute Integration

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    Automatically Fetch Orders to Our System

    We’ll bring in new orders automatically.

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    Synchronised Inventory

    Update La Redoute’s stock count automatically with every order.

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    Improved Packing

    Easily pick and pack orders, and book shipping automatically.

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    Automatic Dispatch Updates

    La Redoute will receive shipping details when goods are dispatching.


How can you make your warehouse picking & packing methods more efficient?

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