Mano Mano Integration

Order Management · Shipping · Stock Control · Multi-channel Listings

Streamline your Mano Mano shop by integrating with our all-in-one stock control and order management platform

Cloud Commerce Pro can seamlessly integrate with your Mano Mano inventory. Integration with our order management system will help you:

  • Streamline Order Processing
  • Update your CRM with new customers and new orders automatically
  • Manage inventory automatically
  • Automatically book the right couriers for each package

Why integrate Mano Mano with Cloud Commerce Pro?

Cloud Commerce Pro can connect our order management platform with your Mano Mano account to allow you to download orders from and update stock to your Mano Mano account.

You can then use Cloud Commerce Pro’s powerful picking and packing routines and powerful multi-channel stock updating features, plus much more.

Mano Mano Integration Features

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    Orders in, Stock updates out

    Easily manage orders in one dispatch list - and with flexible and automated Pick & Pack methods, you can quickly and accurately process multiple orders daily.

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    All customer and order data is stored in our system, which can be managed and analysed to improve and build relationships.

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    Reduce the risk of being out of stock of your best-selling items by automating the creation of purchase orders based on stock levels.

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    Shipping Automation

    With shipping integration, you can automate the selection, and label printing of over 20 world-wide couriers.

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    Customer Support

    Review and respond to all sales and support queries from your Mano Mano marketplace and other channels in one Message Centre.

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    Stock Control

    Never over-sell again. Control your stock and inventory across Mano Mano & other marketplaces from one location.


How can you make your warehouse picking & packing methods more efficient?