Integration Partners

If you are a software developer or company who feel our Integration Partner service will complement both our customer e-commerce needs, then read on!

Become an Integration Partner and we’ll define the future of E‑commerce together

We are always looking to create partnerships and integrations that will add value to our customers online retail activities – from selling channels and ecommerce platforms to tools that help grow and nurture customer engagement.

Earn money with revenue share opportunities for referred customers!

Having an Open API and a team of expert developers on-hand we can support you throughout the integration process, or work with you on more integral developments.

Register today as an Integration Partner…

Benefits include:

  • A dedicated Partner Manager
  • Reward Fees and Revenue Share Opportunities
  • Open API with full access to support teams & documentation
  • Promoted Integrations that provide value to our Customers

Our Core Values

Even with continued growth, we work to maintain our core values in every part of our business:
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    Personal Touch

    We are a very open company who visit our clients and actively encourage them to visit us - in order to understand their needs and challenges.

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    We constantly strive to adapt our software and processes - so that we can integrate with our customer’s way of working, as no one business is the same.

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    Customer Service

    We care about what our customers think, we listen and we act upon feedback - to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.

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    We offer one of the most feature-rich platforms, while always looking to add new functionality to solve the challenges of multi-channel selling.