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International Selling on Amazon & eBay

Selling internationally on Amazon and eBay does present difficulties for most UK sellers, but it would be short-sighted not to reap the rewards and benefits of trading across boarders just because it was a challenge.

Expanding your market internationally can deliver sizeable growth opportunities, especially if you are an early adopter within your category. Amazon, in particular, make it very easy to for sellers to gain immediate access to these markets through their FBA service.

By using either Amazon’s Pan-European FBA, EFN, or MCI – all your picking, packing, shipping and fulfilment related customer service is handled by Amazon. Sellers can now also fulfil orders from other channels such as ecommerce sites or eBay stores, using Amazon ‘Multi-channel Fulfilment’.

However, even with the great benefits offered by Amazon’s FBA service. There are still many considerations sellers need to face when selling internationally:

  • Systems and Processes – you need to make sure you have the proper system in place to list products in the respective languages and correct currency. But also to have looked as other factors such as payment gateways, shipping options and customer service, especially if self-fulfilling.
  • Competitor & Market Research – it is important to understand your market and competition whether you are selling at home or abroad. You could invest a lot of time and resource to find that your products won’t sell or you cannot compete on price. Know your audience!
  • Shipping & Fulfilment – if not using FBA, you need to consider shipping costs and where the items will be positioned, at home or locally?
  • Are you Legal? – without doubt one of the biggest challenges – covering many aspects from data protection, customs and duties, to the laws on selling different types of goods locally. And taxes certainly should not be overlooked, as the consequences of getting this wrong can ruin a business.
  • Language – another key challenge for retailers looking to sell in foreign countries and marketplaces. In an ideal situation, accurate translations would be the best options to avoid misinterpretations that can lead to a higher return rates. However, it is not always a feasible option and there are now some very good translation services available.

This is not an exhaustive list and each should be researched thoroughly and considered against your business case to decide on the weather selling abroad will be profitable and right for you business.

How can Cloud Commerce Pro help?

Cloud Commerce Pro’s platform has been developed to help sellers trade internationally and across foreign marketplaces. Some of the key features include:

FBA stock management and Reporting

Once your stock is booked in to an Amazon fulfilment centre, the inventory is available across all your selling channels. So whether you sell an item from your website or eBay channel, to someone in France, you can select this order to be fulfilled via FBA.

With Cloud Commerce Pro’s reporting suite, you are also able to know how much stock you have in FBA or Warehouse locations, allowing you to plan an effective and efficient supply chain.

Courier Integration

Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with the top international couriers and shipping consolidation companies to offer the ability for sellers to choose the most appropriate and profitable courier and service

Language Translation

Sellers can simply create international selling channels on in Amazon & eBay within the Cloud Commerce Pro platform. Then using Microsoft’s Translation services, product information can be easily translated into multiple languages.

Message Centre

With Cloud Commerce Pro’s ‘Message Centre’, emails from all Amazon and eBay channels are aggregated into one ‘inbox’.

A ‘New Feature’ just released, is a translations option, so you can now click to translate your incoming messages but also to write a reply in your local language and click to translate back to the original senders language (or any other you choose). You can quickly flip between your local and the foreign language any time you wish.

Selling internationally is by no means simple but at Cloud Commerce Pro we aim to give as much help and advice as we can. Give us a call to see how you can benefit.

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