Magento Shipping Integration Software

Automatically Book the Best Courier Service for Each Order
Save Time & Money
Efficiently Process Orders Accurately

Ever Wished Shipping Was Booked Automatically for Every Order?

How much time do you spend per order:

  • Manually printing shipping labels
  • Booking in deliveries
  • Copying and pasting addresses for tracking numbers
  • Notifying customers
  • Double-checking everything above is right

How much of your sales capacity is taken up just on those tasks?

How many more orders could you process every day if all of that was taken care of automatically?

Simple shipping automation comes as standard with Cloud Commerce Pro.


Automation Speeds Up Your Shipping Process & Keeps Customers Happy

Many online retailers use multiple couriers for different shipments. One courier gives better overseas rates; another has a later same-day pickup time for domestic shipping; a third is useful when a customer wants sign-on-delivery validation.

Usually, there’s a checklist which decides which courier and which service from that courier. By customising our shipping rules, you can automate that checklist. Once that’s done, every order you receive will automatically be booked, tracking numbers registered in our CRM, labels printed – and more.

Drop Shipping

Cloud Commerce Pro fully supports drop shipping as an alternative way of supplying your product to your customer.

In fact, our Drop-Ship features allow orders to be sent on automatically via email, FTP or through our API.

You can even set existing orders currently in your dispatch queue to be fulfilled by drop shipping.

Are you applying a shipping strategy to lower costs and increase profit?

Integrated Order Management

Cloud Commerce Pro also allows you to manage orders from your Magento store alongside any other sales channels you have. Our system integrates with major marketplaces as well as Magento storefronts. Cloud Commerce Pro customers like that our service grows with them, allowing them to set up new options as needed.

Don’t just take our word for it…


The Challenge

Jamie initially started his business as a side line, running it from his house while maintaining a full-time job, selling a range of soft bedroom furnishings through multiple channels including Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

Jamie Agar
The Cosy Bedding Company
“Every time we call the support team they are quick to help out and always get back to you either the same or next day if unavailable. I would definitely recommend CCP to any business large or small who is looking for this type of system.”