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Meet our Customer Service Manager

August 15, 2022

Introducing Chelsea Kelly our Customer Service Manager.

A headshot of our Customer Service Manager, Chelsea

With all things go at Cloud Commerce Pro, part of Cloud Commerce Group (a WPP company), we felt it was appropriate to reach out to one of our longest-standing team members to hear about the changes within the company. Introducing Chelsea Kelly, a valued member of Cloud Commerce Pro for nine years, she has worked with 100s of our customers throughout her years of service. A friendly face in the office, a familiar voice to our customers and now an integral part of our customer-facing operations, Chelsea brings a wealth of experience supporting eCommerce businesses to scale their business and maximise Cloud Commerce Pro’s powerful functionality.

We begin by understanding Chelsea’s role, followed by discussing some of the changes at Cloud Commerce Pro before touching upon what the future holds for the company.

Can you tell us about your role and how you help our customers?

“I am responsible for managing support for all customers that are actively using the system. This includes leading the first line support team, which is our customer’s first point of contact. They deal with the day to day queries, either providing the necessary answer for the simple things, providing training sessions or sharing the relevant resource within our knowledge base. We also suggest modules on our LMS system to explore. They essentially provide general assistance on how the different features within Cloud Commerce Pro work and how to get the most from them.

The other side of customer support is the technical support team which works closely with the first line support team. They tend to work a bit more behind the scenes on things such as assisting with special configurations or integrations or dealing with tickets raised requiring some further investigation. These guys communicate frequently and work closely with our product development team often passing on any roadmap requests.

I think something that works well between our teams is communication and coordination. For example, I have weekly catch-ups with the product manager to keep track of developments and to be able to update customers with important product updates. We really look to identify how we can work to improve our customer’s experience using Cloud Commerce Pro by either simplifying functionality, streamlining processes or improving support material, for example.”

What are some common challenges eCommerce businesses face?

“Customers often approach Cloud Commerce Pro trying to find new ways to grow their business, save time or reduce their manual processes. Whether struggling with their current inventory management system, wanting to integrate Shopify, grow their presence on eBay or Amazon, or striving to find cheaper courier service solutions. Cloud Commerce Pro appeals to eCommerce businesses ready to take the next leap in their strategy for growth.

Ecommerce businesses that come to us often find themselves being distracted by a lot of repetitive operational tasks, often that they have to do daily. Cloud Commerce Pro can automate these processes, from warehouse management to updating stock levels across multiple marketplaces, to automating courier services and printing labels.

One of our customers that springs to mind have completely transformed their business. They’ve gone from literally handwritten notes maintaining stock and tracking orders to a single platform that provides a secure and consistent record of their orders. Since using Cloud Commerce Pro they have been able to predict their stock levels and have foresight on any supplier issues, enabling them to respond proactively. It is also kept securely all on the cloud so is accessible anywhere.

I think the other reason that people come to Cloud Commerce Pro is the fact that we provide support throughout the process. We ensure they are set up properly and as efficiently as possible. We assign a dedicated project manager, a data specialist and a shipping specialist to our customers to guarantee they are making informed decisions. This relationship is key to helping our customers maximise their opportunities for growth.”

What has kept you working at Cloud Commerce Pro for nine years?

“When I initially joined Cloud Commerce Pro we were supporting small to medium-sized businesses to build an online presence. It was during the early 2000s and we were at the forefront of understanding the power of the web, selling online and helping businesses to capitalise on the emerging channel. Today, the purpose is very much the same, but the landscape is just far more complex and fast-paced.

Working at Cloud Commerce Pro has provided a lot of career opportunities for me, from developing my skills to developing myself as a manager. I think I have really found my forte in helping people. Whether its helping our customers to get the most out of the platform to more recently helping our staff to really grow in their roles. I enjoy how dynamic the business is, which is essential to help us support our eCommerce customer base, and then the variety in my day-to-day activities and interactions.”

With two acquisitions in the last three years, how has this impacted Cloud Commerce Pro?

“So Cloud Commerce Group announced the acquisition of Channel Grabber in December 2019. There was a real buzz of excitement, but also naturally some hesitations as this was a big move for the company. We knew in the long term it would enable us to better serve our customers but we were unsure of how it would impact our daily operations. The merger was relatively seamless and enabled us to combine the expertise of the two most trusted multi-channel eCommerce software solutions available to the market at the time. From a customer support angle, one great function that was brought across from Channel Grabber was the online chat system which has been really useful in helping us to respond to customers faster.

Two years later, WPP then approached Cloud Commerce Group and by November 2021 announced its acquisition of the group. With the interest of such a large company, we knew that things were going to change for the company, but we were unsure of how. I think the biggest change has been the investment in the company and our staff. My own team has grown significantly and there has been a number of new roles in our

product development and web development filled. Having a vote of confidence from the world’s largest marketing and advertising company brings with it a level of credibility that we are leaders in the platform that we offer and experts in what we do. I think the new approach to our operations will ultimately help us to better serve our customer base, and ensure we provide the best software solutions possible.”

What are you looking forward to happening at CCP in the future?

“Within my role, I am really excited to grow my team, nurture our talent and support those already here. Our team is expanding which will allow us to introduce some new strategies to enhance the customer service experience. We are also keen to start proactively supporting our customers so they get the most out of the system. From a business point of view, I think as we incorporate these new strategies we are going to see a lot of new and exciting developments that really help provide all-around better service. Coupled with the growth of the product team, we can look forward to revamping certain features and introducing some new ones too.

One thing we love hearing is our customers’ feedback. Growing the customer service team and the product team will enable us to reach out to more customers, listen to their opinions, and action their feedback. Ultimately, our goal is to do everything we can to help our customers scale their business and leverage every opportunity in the market. So seeing our customers grow is also something I always look forward to.”

Five facts about CCG:

  1. Established in 2003. We have over 19 years of experience supporting eCommerce businesses.
  2. We are a WPP company, part of the world’s largest marketing and advertising company.
  3. Our eCommerce Cloud Solution, Cloud Commerce Pro, is licensed by the Company, not the number of users. This means you can have unlimited users to support your business growth.
  4. All new customers receive a dedicated project manager, data specialist and shipping specialist to help onboard their products and maximise their success.
  5. We integrate with Shopify, Woocommerce and many other world-leading platforms, and global marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

About Cloud Commerce Pro

Cloud Commerce Pro is a leader in multi-channel eCommerce software, supporting hundreds of European retailers and wholesalers. Since 2003, we have supported brands and SMEs to scale their businesses by simplifying the entire commerce journey, connecting customer acquisition and multi-platform commerce, with warehousing, inventory, and fulfilment partners. Cloud Commerce Pro integrates with the most widely-used and popular marketplaces including Amazon and eBay, eCommerce platforms including Shopify and Magento, and multiple accounting systems, payment gateways and fulfilment partners. Our platform powers over £1 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) annually through its various integrations.

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