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Message Centre Auto Reply Scheduling Feature Improved

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Cloud Commerce Pro is pleased to announce a further update to Message Centre and it’s auto-reply feature.  With immediate effect, we have added a big upgrade to scheduling for your auto responses to your customers.  You can now have much more control about when your rules with auto-reply on your behalf.

When adding auto-reply rules now, you can choose from four options.


1. New advanced Scheduling Choice Menu


2. Choose none if you want the auto-reply rule to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


3. Choose simple if you want to set a start time and end time that applies every day. Your auto-reply rule will only run between these times.


4. Choose Set Days to set more advanced scheduling with start and end times that apply on different days of the week.


5. Choose Spanned to set a time period that runs each week, for example, starting on Friday evening and finishing on Monday morning.


6. A new menu displays a summary of your rules and when they will run.


We hope you like the new auto-scheduling feature. If you have any questions please speak to Cloud Commerce Pro support.

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