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Message Centre Update coming this week

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From Cloud Commerce Pro this week we bring you a Message Centre update to make it easier and quicker to deal with customer enquiries.  There are a number of small but important improvements which we think will make your Message Centre experience much more productive.  Watch out for this update rolling out to your system this week.

The key updates are:

  1. Messages are now stripped of superfluous images and stored in plain text.  Any images that are required have a link in the body that you can click or hover over.  Introducing plain text makes content easier to read and replying much faster.
  2. The folder menus are much prettier and have a more familiar email feel and have moved the left side.
  3. The right sidebar is now beefed up with more useful information about the customer’s last order.
  4. Minor button improvements with extra quick actions.

Here are some screenshots below

The new much cleaner layout with left-hand side menu.


New Formatting and the right-hand side information bar


Sample message with reply which shows in foreign language (translated both ways) or English as required


Hover over the image links to only load images as required

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