Multi-channel Ecommerce Software

Increasing product visibility across multiple sales channels is key to success in selling online. But to make the most of these channels, an order management system is vital in managing stock, customers, and orders.

Reach New Audiences, Grow Markets, and Increase Sales

Over half of all UK businesses sell through more than one sales channel. Even online-first retailers now usually have some sales through bricks & mortar stores. The majority of companies sell through two or more online marketplaces as well as their own website. To capitalise, multi-channel eCommerce software is vital.

Processing multiple channels, updating inventory on each channel as sales are made, and manually booking shipping will limit your effective sales per day.

Cloud Commerce Pro Multi-Channel eCommerce Software

…All for every sales channel:

…and our Workflows tool allows us to connect to other channels as needed.

Selling through multichannel Ecommerce platforms has just got easier.

On the whole, Cloud Commerce Pro’s back-end system can integrate with any existing ecommerce platform you are using. In fact, wherever you sell products, whether it is from your shop floor, website, mobile, Ebay or Amazon stores, Cloud Commerce Pro will also access all sales and stock details in real time, anytime.

Automated Shipping

It’s not uncommon for dispatch teams to have to pick through a list of rules to find the best-value shipping for a package according to its weight, priority, and destination. Making the wrong choice can mean making a loss through increased shipping fees. Especially in these days of free shipping as standard!

Cloud Commerce Pro integrates directly with over twenty couriers and shipping logistics services. Don’t make your team sort through your rules - let your multi-channel eCommerce software do it. Set up custom rules and the best tariff will be selected automatically.

Cloud Commerce Pro will also book your package in for delivery. There’s no risk of manual error. And it saves your dispatchers time, letting you process more orders.

Why do Customers Choose Cloud Commerce Pro?

  • Managed from One Screen

    Sell on many channels, manage inventory and orders in one place. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

  • Supported Set-Up

    We’ll help you every step of the way as you implement and migrate to our system, including full training for everyone.

  • Stock Management

    Always have accurate stock levels on all channels in real time. Never oversell again. Know when and how much to re-order.

  • Take Back Control

    Handle sale, fulfilment, inventory and re-purchasing for your entire business using one system and one CRM.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Automating key processes and streamlining others mean you save time and increase productivity. Grow your business faster.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Process and ship orders fast. Monitor customer happiness and respond quickly with our Message Centre, including autoresponders.

  • Access from Anywhere

    Access Cloud Commerce Pro anywhere with an internet connection. Check reports, approve purchase orders, and update rules.

  • Enhanced Fulfilment

    Process, pick, pack, and ship orders from any sales channel in minutes. Fulfil more orders per day with less risk of error.

  • Financial Control

    Directly integrate with cloud accounting software including Sage 50, Xero and QuickBooks. Automatically import data.

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The Challenge

As 2Squared grew from managing retail outfits and moved into wholesaling, theirs needs also grew exponentially. Because of this, 2Squared approached Cloud Commerce Pro to help them overcome many new obstacles that come with an expanding operation.

2squared review
Luke Hudson
2Squared Agency
“Just having that ability to pick the phone up and speak to a localised member of the team, and perhaps even one of the developers to help you resolve your issue has been a massive part of the reason why we stuck with Cloud Commerce for the last five years.”