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Multi Order Dispatch with Courier Labels

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Inline with new requirements from carriers like Royal Mail from early next year every parcel will have to have a 2D barcode label on it otherwise it will be rejected or you will be charged a manual handling fee on each order. This means older methods such as franking may become a thing of the past and sellers will have to become more sophisticated. Cloud Commerce Pro will help you bring your dispatch into the 21st century.

In the past many sellers have been used to just selecting a large number of orders and marking them as dispatched. This unfortunately doesn’t allow for contacting a courier and booking in an item and pulling back a unique label for each parcel.

Cloud Commerce Pro have always allowed pulling back a label at dispatch point for each order individually but we have today released an update that allows you to dispatch many orders at once but for each order our system will contact the courier and book in a consignment and return you a barcode label to affix to your parcels.

This means you still have all the convenience of multi dispatch like the old way you worked but the labels for each consignment the way companies like Royal Mail will insist you work in the future.

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