Name Brand Manufacturer

A well-known manufacturer of sportswear and sporting goods. The success of their brand had led to an invitation from Amazon to become an Amazon Vendor.

This opportunity led them to take a long look at their inventory and shipping procedures. At the same time, they were becoming disillusioned with Volo, their multi-channel software of the time.

  • How do we Compare?

Cloud Commerce Pro Volo*
Total £800 per mth Total £1,800 per mth
Managed Set-Up Self Set-Up
Core System Monthly Fee: £500 Montlhy Service Charge £1800
Bespoke Amazon Vendor Set-Up including Windows Scanner applications: £3,500 Requires Specific Support Tickets & Requests
Vendor Support with Mobile Scanners Monthly Fee: £300 Not Included
Full Training & Support Not Available
On-Site Consultation Not Available
Message Centre Not Available
Automatic Courier Booking Not Available

* Information correct as of 19/03/19

  • Requirements

    The customer sold directly to customers via Amazon and eBay. They also sold on their Magento website, designed as a B2B trade outlet.

  • Solutions

    While our core system has Vendor integration, we know from experience that many suppliers have complex additional requirements when they become an Amazon Vendor. We went to their premises for a meeting to map their process.

    From this we learned that as well as having full, clear stock availability with automatic allocation against Amazon Purchase Orders, they’d also need real-time product requests with their factories in China. Products would also need allocating to batches with batch labelling before dispatch to Amazon.

    With this in mind, we also developed bespoke scanner apps, allowing for advanced barcode dispatch.

  • Delivery

    This customer came to us with everything in order; they just needed a more effective system with custom support for their new expansion. We worked closely with them to integrate real-time requests to their suppliers and had their system ready to launch within an agreed timescale.

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“Moving to Cloud Commerce Pro has been a breath of fresh air for our business. We used Volo for over 5 years but something has happened with them over the last 2 years and they just don’t seem bothered anymore. We had countless mistakes and reported faults went unanswered for days at a time. Cloud Commerce Pro on the other hand. Not only have they worked with us for a custom integration to dispatch our products to Amazon, they have also provided an advanced CRM that has really changed the process in our customer service help desk. We’ve only been with them for 5 months but so far it has genuinely been a huge difference compared to Volo – we’ve also saved money!”

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