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New 1-Click Dispatch Feature coming next week.

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At Cloud Commerce Pro we are pleased to announce an exciting new dispatch feature coming to your system next week. It’s called 1-Click Dispatch and it is a new and improved procedure to allow you to do all the pick list and dispatch features you do regularly but in one screen and one click (or more depending on which options you need :)).

1-Click dispatch allows you to print your pick lists, packing notes, invoices and automated courier labels, update sales channels (Amazon, eBay etc) in one simple procedure. In addition using this new procedure, all orders in each batch are kept as a batch so if you wish to recall them later it’s really simple.

1- Click Dispatch can also be used for assigning groups of orders to individual pickers and a future feature coming soon is the ability to report on picking and packing speed of the batches. When adding a 1-Click batch of orders to be printed you can either leave the name as the system default or maybe add the name of the picker you assigned the orders to.

1-Click orders and pick lists are printed in the order that you sort and filter your dispatch queue, meaning totally flexibility. You can choose individual A4 pick lists, order by order pick lists or grouped product pick lists, or even all three.

1-Click Dispatch will fully process all steps of the picking and packing process you choose and if you choose to complete other steps later you can simply recall the batch of orders. For example, if you wish to print your pick lists and mark as picked but go back later to update your channels and mark the orders as dispatch then you can easily recall the order batch and complete this.

As if that isn’t enough there is some goodness in here for customers who use our advanced scanning software. In release 2 of the 1-click software coming within two weeks, you will also be able to batch pick many orders at once. 1-Click batches can be called up on the scanners to allow a multi product pick instead of order by order pick.

We hope you love 1-Click Dispatch.

New 1-Click Dispatch Screen

1-Click Order Processing Feedback Screen


1-Click Batch Recall menu on the main dispatch screen

New Clearer Dispatch Screen Actions Menu 

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