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New Bulk Price and Stock Editing mode in Product Manager

July 12, 2018

At Cloud Commerce Pro this week we are pleased to announce two new editing modes in Product Manager.

Previously you were able to click the pen icon to edit stock or prices and use the arrow keys to move between products for super quick price and stock editing but with today’s update you can now click the pen icon at the very top of the column and make a bulk edit to all visible products allowing you to potentially adjust many products with one price or stock entry.

First, select the channel type you wish to edit i.e. Amazon and then filter or search to find the products you wish to edit then press the pen icon on either the price or stock column.

A box will pop up to ask you to enter the value you wish to change all the products to.

Enter your value and confirm on the warning screen and all the prices or stock will be adjusted. Please note this affects all visible product variations on the screen so make sure you have filtered correctly before proceeding.

Although today this mode is only available in channel mode i.e. filter on Amazon, eBay or another channel type. In a future release very soon, we will also make the bulk editing feature mode be available without having to first select your channel type so you can cross-channel bulk edit.

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